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Tarot Readings for Couples

I recently had a call from a client asking if I did readings for couples. I may not have taken enough time to fully answer that question by phone, so I will take a moment here to offer more information. In general, I read for one person at a time. Sometimes, that person will want a friend, relative or loved one to be present during the reading. Many people find it helpful to have a friend in attendance to help them remember all that was revealed in the session. As well, sometimes a friend will hear the same words, but apply a slightly different interpretation than the seeker. The discussion that follows if often beneficial to both parties. However, in those circumstances, my primary purpose is to provide honest answers to the questions asked. If, the seeker asks a question about their relationship with the person in attendance, I will of course continue to provide my most accurate answer possible. Sometimes, this is uncomfortable for me.... and not always in the best interest of th

Clairvoyant Ann George - Testimonial for Ann George Studios

Hi Ann, I just wanted to let you know that I am truly amazed with your talented ability to answer my questions. You are always right on target and I always appreciate your kindness and your honesty. I have been calling you on and off for the last five years and every time I do call, I wonder why I waited so long to call you. You have helped me in manys ways with my love life, my career and developing my spirituallity. I have recommended you to my friends and I would recommend you to anyone who might be hesitant to make the phone call to you. I feel your prices for the service that is given is very reasonable. You are so genuine and caring. I think you are the best! Yours truly, Diane T

Tarot Readings at The Midnight Sun

Hello Everyone, This little post to to update my "in person" Tarot reading address. Sometimes, the web picks up my mailing address as my in person reading address. I only offer in person readings at The Midnight Sun , 1055 Park Street, in the lovely Five Points Shopping district, Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida. There is a beautiful studio at the back of the shop, and readings are offered there, daily by appointment. If you would like more information about Tarot readings, and in particular, clairvoyant Tarot readings , please visit my website for useful articles on how to have the best reading possible. If you are not able to come to The Midnight Sun for your reading, I also offer readings by telephone appointment. If you are new to phone readings, please review this article that explains the metaphysics of phone readings and how they work. The studio in The Midnight Sun is also home to Adishakti Yoga Kula. I am sure you will enjoy a visit to Tara's lovely site.

Learn Tarot in Jacksonville - New Workshop Starts in August

In addition to this blog, which will feature posts about Tarot, their meaning and purpose, as well as general answers to questions from clients; I have also started a virtual class room online at Mind, Body and The Spirit World Website. Please feel welcome to visit as more intensive and specific discussions of Tarot will occur there. I am also pleased to say that beginning in August, 2009, a Tarot Class will be offered the second Sunday of every month at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida. This will be a two hour class that begins at 1:15 and ends promptly at 3:15 PM as The Midnight Sun closes at 4:00 on Sundays. The first portion of the class will be "formal" instruction in the origin of interpretation of Tarot, or a specific card group and their meaning, moving forward to gradually included a teaching on each of the 78 Tarot in the deck. The second half of the class will be an open discussion, question and answer period.. the "Salon" portion.. where like m