“A psychic told me that the man I am interested in and I are going to die in an accident….. “

I receive all sorts of letters similar to the one below that I answer by blog. As this is not the only letter like this I receive, I post the answer to help all who find themselves in process with a con artist posing as a psychic.
Here is the letter:

“I'm terrified. A psychic told me that I and the man I am interested in are going to die in accident at the same time. 

She told me to open credit card accounts at various stores so we could "build a foundation." 

After I did that, the next day she tells me to make her assistant a user on the account. 

She says that her assistant will go to the stores to purchase items that will be placed in a church and then I can later return them. 

If I don't do this, she says, I will die. 

I trusted her up until today. Now Im having severe anxiety. I was wondering if you had an opinion as to what I should do. Thanks for your help.”

I am sorry it has taken me awhile to reply to this letter. I sometimes wonder if some of the letters I receive are jokes, however this letter described one of  the “traditional scams” that con artists, posing as psychics, use to scare people out of their money. 

It is true that a good reader can see death approaching. However, every ethical reader I have known has told their client that they see that clients path (specific to the question) as one that leads to great bodily harm, and then suggests the seeker take a different course! 

Few clients ask to know the time of their death.  I have had a handful of clients in 20 years ask about the time of death. In those cases some clients were dying and wanted to know how much time they had and which trips to take while they had the strength.

Some asking about death were care givers for a person in dire condition whose suffering was becoming impossible to watch. They were asking to see if death was coming so that they (the caregiver) could make plans, get more help, step away for a moment to regroup. These clients asked because they had a true need to know about impending death. 

There are accidents, and crashes, and things that are large events that take many lives that are easier to see. The death of individuals is not something most readers look for.

If a reader sees death at a particular time, or within a particular time by a particular means,  then that ethical psychic would advise their client to avoid that action - such as riding in cars with their boyfriend for ________ weeks. It is that simple. 

If I see trouble, an unfortunate outcome of continuing down any path - I will tell you. You may then choose to make changes or not. I will tell you what I "see" as the best option to create a positive future. The fee for that information is included in the price of the session.

One of the reasons people consult a seer is to make sure that the choices they are making are the right ones. Clients consult a psychic when they seek guidance and direction. To provide this service should be the limit of the service an ethical reader will provide. 

I do not offer “general readings.” I am a question specific reader for many reasons - one of them is so that I am not mistaken for the kind of reader who "sees” any of the following:
  • your sudden death
  • black clouds in your aura
  • curses
  • spells
  • roots worked against you
  • negative spirits that haunt you

These kinds of “psychics” are often gifted. They may be able to read you but not your future. They may do cold readings, watching for your reactions to know they have a “hit’ and proceed to tell you “what is going on”.

Honestly, most people know what is going on in their lives. They know their names, where they live, where they work, who their friends are, the state of their health and their financial situation. Asking for a general reading opens the door to the very experience I am writing about today. 

A direct question is the best way to use a reading. When that question is answered, you move on to the next and the next until your session is over.  

The glaring problem with the letter I received is the assurance by the psychic that he or she can do some sort of magic to prevent death! Very few shamans in this world are that powerful. Most life prolonging practices are done by the person themselves. 

Further - to charge a fee for preventing death is outlandish. If a reader is that able, then the fee is obscene. One saves a life because it is the moral thing to do. 

Is it the case that this “psychic” has such a great connection with some god that he or she can change the future? Of course not. Can a psychic prevent a car crash? No. 

It is the case that a psychic can see that their client will be injured if that client participates in a particular act. I myself have seen this. I warned my client of the danger…. however, as life unfolds, even forewarned, we act within our nature, and in so doing may come to harm - regardless of the warning. 

However, threatening that a person will die if that person does not follow the psychics advice exactly is not what an ethical reader does. This sounds very much like the beginning of a scam. 

Please be advised, scams of this kind can go on for a very long time. The “psychic” can have another vision of another death….. or perhaps the seeker has failed in some way to do exactly as he or she was told, and so “breaks the work” and the process must begin again. 

My suggestion to the author of this letter is to stop seeing that reader at once. Dispose of any documents, charms, amulets you may have purchased from that person.

You must break the hold they have on your mind! 

Some people go to confession, some to church, some take a ritual bath to wash away negative energy, some see an acupuncture doctor to get their energy bodies back to normal. 

What ever you do - if you text and drive - stop it! 

I am sorry it has taken a while to respond. I myself am currently being slandered on Google as “rude” and in some way a fake, most probably by the local competition, or those “psychics” who like to run these cons, and who I have been cautioning against for decades. 

Again, if you want a reading, do yourself and your seer a favor, and prepare! Check references! Look for reviews. See if they are willing to share via blog or some other means. 

It is possible to see the future.
We do it all the time. 

professional clairvoyant is often someone born with the ability to see the future, perhaps many futures at once,  and to live in peace that seer works as a consultant to share that ability for the benefit of others. 

I hope you find this article helpful.

Ann George


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Ann George