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Clairvoyant Tarot: Notes for new clients seeking readings.

I recently had a client come for a reading. She had not read my website, and was not aware that I am not a “fortune teller.”   I am a clairvoyant person who uses Tarot to ensure that I provide you the most accurate answers possible to any question you may ask - no matter what.  This client wanted what some call a “General Reading” which is a service I do not offer.  I do not believe we are “fated.” I do not believe are powerless, nor that we are destined to have a certain fate, or that at a certain point in time this must happen or that person will appear.  I do believe in casualty. I do believe that the future is a consequence of past thoughts, words and deeds. I also believe that our present values, our everyday self talk,  as well as the hopes and plans we make for our future bring our future into being. The world is far to vast and mysterious for me to “predict’ its unfolding. This is a world that is constantly coming, and therefore, a magical and rich interactive playg