Clairvoyant Tarot: Notes for new clients seeking readings.

I recently had a client come for a reading. She had not read my website, and was not aware that I am not a “fortune teller.”  I am a clairvoyant person who uses Tarot to ensure that I provide you the most accurate answers possible to any question you may ask - no matter what. 

This client wanted what some call a “General Reading” which is a service I do not offer.  I do not believe we are “fated.” I do not believe are powerless, nor that we are destined to have a certain fate, or that at a certain point in time this must happen or that person will appear. 

I do believe in casualty. I do believe that the future is a consequence of past thoughts, words and deeds. I also believe that our present values, our everyday self talk,  as well as the hopes and plans we make for our future bring our future into being.

The world is far to vast and mysterious for me to “predict’ its unfolding. This is a world that is constantly coming, and therefore, a magical and rich interactive playground of illusory phenomena. It is of course possible to see the outcome of choices, the meaning of events and experiences, the best way from darkness to the light. It is possible to see the future as well as the past. However, we have all existed since beginnings time!

To be of service to you, it is most helpful is you share with the the life area you wish to explore, in other words, to provide me with a question, a starting point.  My vocation is to help you find the answers to your questions.

If any client comes to a reading with a rigid world view and a closed mind, it will be very difficult for me to “see” as clearly as is possible. If you want to stand with me and throw open the doors of perception, then we can see clearly.  I believe we are the creators of our present and most certainly our futures.

If you want  a reading, it is best not to wander in to have the “experience” or to “see what the future holds”. Seeing the future happens when the seeker participates with me as we look for the best way to bring forth happiness, For a reading to be of greatest benefit, the seeker must be willing to consider compromise, to be willing to step outside their comfort zone just a bit, for if love, or wealth eludes them, then there may well be something the can change to create a new path to success and a happier life. You might enjoy this article on asking a psychic questions.

As all services are confidential, as well, in general I do not remember the particulars of any reading, I am not able to go into great detail about reading experience for the particular client who came with expectations I could not meet. I always try to do my very best to ensure my clients receive answers to all their questions, however if a client does not bring a question, nor a desired outcome, it is very difficult for me to see their future.

I am sure my client was frustrated as I was not able to provide her the kind of service she was used to having, and it was quite clear that I was not the right reader for her. I therefore was not willing to charge her for a service I could not provide. This is not to say that I am not able to work as an accurate clairvoyant. I have been serving the pubic for over 20 years now. However it is also true that I work with clients and not on them.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you come for a reading without the willingness to participate, to be open to seeing the future, then, it is difficult to seize the moment.

I feel that if we are not willing to look at our minds, our internal dialogue, and are not willing to open to let a reader see what enlivens us, what holds us back, our dreams, fears, hopes, failures, then we are not allowing that reader to look as far as possible for answers to questions that will bring us peace, or happiness or love. 

I am sure that the best readings are co-created. That we open the doors of the Akashic record together, and stand looking at all that is possible based on an empowered question.

If the question is “Will I get married?” there really isn’t much a reader can do. That is a free will question, and the seeker will choose to marry or not. A reader might find three fine life partners for a client, but it is the client who will choose in the end. Although I “see” and Tarot confirms that the three choices are fine, in the end, it is up to each client to make that decision. That is a “free will” question, and the seeker will know what he or she prefers. 

Many times people self-sabotage for reasons they can’t see, and turn from good love to troubled love. The empowered question would be “Show me how to attract  a healthy relationship.” or “Show me why I keep attracting partners that do not treat me kindly.”

If we are really willing to take responsibility for building the life we want to the best of our ability, a reading - Tarot or otherwise - can empower us to see ourselves and our lives differently. A good reading can help us make new choices or find new doors to open.
In my style of reading, the “question specific style” I need you to ask me what you want to know, to tell me what you want to see, and then as the process continues, I need you to “show me” through the process of visualization (not spoken word) those things that are relevant to finding the answer to your question.

If you are willing to “show me” or “think to me”all that is relevant to finding the answer to your question, then together, we can do just that.

However, I am not going to spread cards on the table and make predictions. I have far greater respect for your personal power than to do that. If you want to as a “general” question, then am able to be of service.

You are the creator of your future! My purpose is to help you find the very best way to get where you want to be.

If you would like more information on the process of asking questions, please visit this link: 

or if you prefer, please call the office to make an appointment. I really do prefer that you have a good experience, get your questions answered and your needs met.