How Do I Develop My Psychic Abilities?

* a response to a frequent question by Professional Tarot Consultant Ann George 

It is my experience that this question is most often posed by two very different kinds of seekers, both since

re in their concerns, and both asking an important, perhaps life changing question.

To begin - I feel it is important to place the question in the context of the ideas of this century. After all, horror films, and fantasy series are popular, and captivating. There is no shortage of programs about the occult, mysterious creatures, portals in time and such.

Most modern media has portrayed psychics, seers and mediums in strange lights at best. One of the most tragic and sadly the most often true depictions is that of “psychic” who is instead a con artist, trickster, fraud or predator who poses as a psychic reader.

I answer phone calls regularly from people who have encounter these trickster readers. These tricksters are often very gifted, either at “cold reading” and following those “hits” to impress upon their client that they (the reader) are not only able to see the future but to work magic as well. The price for the  magic or “the work” can be quite high. 

Some trickster readers are indeed gifted psychics, but they use seeing as a tool to instill fear, or hope, and then they begin the process of promises, instructions you must follow, a price - then - more “work” as your case has become more difficult, or perhaps you did something wrong - and now more “work” must be done, at a higher price to get the result you were promised.

In stark contrast to the frightening depictions of mediums presented by American film and the long list of predators who target vulnerable, anxious and hurting people who come seeking aid, there are indeed true seers, true mystics. Could you be one of them? 

Do you come from a long line of readers who are born with abilities that, if not mastered have lead to madness, sorrow, isolation or silence? 

Or perhaps you are fortunate to be born into a family of seers where the gift is accepted and encouraged?  

An honest reader will help you find the answer to that important question, best asked as “Show me the outcome of developing my psychic abilities at this time.” 

These days, more and more people are feeling a stirring, a spiritual awakening, and are having instances of “deja vu”, or prophetic dreaming. Some people are having glimpses of the future, particularly when it involves family members, relatives or close friends. Some people are seeing spirits or the manifestation of spirits in their home or office.

These experiences may be wonderful, or frightening, and knowing what they mean and what to do about them may be a very real concern for you. An honest reader will “look” to “see” if you indeed have psychic abilities and will let you know what they see.  Further, they will also see how those abilities affect the context of your daily life at present, and if you have time and energy to develop those gifts in the future. 

Having “the gift” is one thing, developing it and putting it to use is another matter all together. Myself, I had no choice, I was born knowing things would happen before they did, I could hear people thinking and easily see spirits from many realms. It thought that all people were like me.  

It wasn’t until I went to public school that I realized that I was different from the other children. With that realization came the awakening that I had best keep my observations to myself.  

My journey to come to peace and purpose with my path is the topic of another blog. However, I will mention that at the age of 36 I began intense study of Hermetics, the Tarot, and other occult works to come to a better understanding of how to manage the seeing that had returned full force. At 40, after a years apprenticeship with a very well respected and ethical reader, I opened my own practice. 

Many who are beginning to have the experience of psychic awakening may not have the temperament nor the desire to abandon all and go to work full time as a professional reader. Some of you may well. 

I hope you feel comfortable telling someone about your experiences. Many who consult me about their awakenings do feel awkward - and I offer you the assurance that many people are possess psychic abilities. This does not mean you are loosing your mind (this statement is not intended to discourage you from seeking mental health counseling if you feel you are in crisis. I am not a mental health counselor.) I have hundreds of conversations over the years about this very topic with many well balanced and successful people. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

*I often post answers to frequently asked questions in this blog so that all may make wise decisions in choosing a reader. Ethical service providers are available to you.  


The Circle of Protection - Ethical Psychics Care for their Clients

Many people are not aware that when a clairvoyant or medium sits down with his or her client to offer services (readings of any kind, medium ship work or divination) an ethical reader will always create an energetic circle of protection to contain both Seeker and Reader. 
The burden for providing protection falls to the seer by any name (shaman, clairvoyant, mystic, psychic, and medium are the most popular in Western culture.) The “world” as perceived by the 5 physical senses is just a slice of the fabulous mystery of existence. 

There are worlds within worlds, multiverses, and beings of all kinds in both flesh and spirit. To ensure that the reader can open the door to the Akashic, see all that needs to be seen, and close that door without allowing any unwelcome energies or entities to enter is vital. 

All good readers will ensure that you are safe in the session, that the space where your reading is provided is clear, clean and safe on all levels. I do this every time, every session and have for over 20 years. This is true whether we read face to face or by phone. 

This critical (yet often unseen) prayer or ritual enables readers to continue to provide quality service for decades. It is the reckless, the arrogant or the complacent reader that omits this simple act and so puts him or herself at risk. 

There are many articles available on line about psychic protection. My early training was in the Hermetic perspective and I studied the esoteric teachings of the Golden Dawn in particular. 

If you are studying Tarot or any other form of divination at this time, please be sure that you find a prayer that fits your world view.     

Ann George 
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