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Insight • Psychic Clarity for Everyday Concerns

Life may often feel overwhelming. We may have those days when everything seems to be going wrong all at once! We may not trust our intuition. We may feel as if we can’t get a hold on the best way to move forward at any point in time.  Sometimes we are faced with many important, life changing decisions and sometimes those choices are inter-related. One choice will impact all the other choices on our horizon in such a way that we may feel paralyzed, unable to risk any choice at all.  This is one of the times when a psychic reading can be most helpful. We are able to get a glimpse of the outcome of our decisions, we can “try them on” before we fully commit to see if a particular choice will move us forward, toward our desired goal - or not. Clairvoyant Tarot readings are a very powerful tool to help us access our Divine Mind, also referred to by some as our High Self. The Tarot is a unique oracle in that it empowers not only the Seer, but also the Seeker.   The Tarot i

Soul Mate or Past Life Return? Notes on Energy & Relationship by Ann George

In Western culture we are not often presented with world views that include reincarnation as a matter of fact. This can put us at a real disadvantage when we meet someone we have know from a previous life time.  The impact of meeting a past life return can be so overwhelming that we fall to the conclusion that this must be love at first sight. The symptoms of this return are often very similar to the feelings we have when we meet someone who seems just right for a love connection.  Often when we have a past life reunion we may feel our hearts are pounding as we stare in a breathless state of joy, amazement, or desire. We may need to speak to that person right away and find ourselves giddy with delight when they smile and seem to immediately return our interest.  We often feel as if we have know that person all our lives, that they are very easy to talk to, and of course to gaze upon. We may want to get to know them with a fierceness that is out of the ordinary.  S