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"Walk In Thursdays" at Midnight Sun • Psychic Readings in Jacksonville, Florida

After 20 years in service to the public as a professional Tarot consultant, past lives medium and medium between the worlds I have learned that when people call for a reading they often want that reading as soon as possible. Telephone readings are the first choice for those who feel the need to have insight and closure, validation and direction as soon as possible.   Today, the bulk of my practice is readings by phone. Whether my clients are local or long distance, phone readings offer many advantages. If you don’t live nearby, you do not have to drive (the planet thanks you!), you do not spend valuable time in traffic or parking, and you can call from your comfortable sacred space.  Now my “on call” telephone practice can keep me busy from 10 AM - 7 PM Sunday through Friday. I made the decision to reserveThursdays for my clients in Jacksonville.  I think I have been offering readings a Midnight Sun for at least 5 years now, and after some trial and error, it seems

What Psychics & Clairvoyant Readers Can Offer • Reasonable Expectations

I had a phone call and booked a phone session for a new client, a woman who did not seem familiar with the best use of Tarot.  I believe she had unreasonable expectations of a readers psychic ability. Her first question was “When will I get an investor for my business.”  I gave an answer to the question, however, it is unlikely that the answer is my most accurate answer.  The best way to get this kind of information and all other information needed to successfully attract investors, is to ask “Show me the outcome of my business plan to attract investors.”  It is even more useful to tell the name of the business. I work best with a solid starting point. It saves time and ensures accuracy.  This particular client received an answer to this and one other cryptic and rather difficult question “Who is the investor.” (Clearly she knew much more about the situation than she cared to share.) After receiving her answers, she then told me she did not feel a connection to me.