"Walk In Thursdays" at Midnight Sun • Psychic Readings in Jacksonville, Florida

After 20 years in service to the public as a professional Tarot consultant, past lives medium and medium between the worlds I have learned that when people call for a reading they often want that reading as soon as possible.

Telephone readings are the first choice for those who feel the need to have insight and closure, validation and direction as soon as possible. 

Today, the bulk of my practice is readings by phone. Whether my clients are local or long distance, phone readings offer many advantages. If you don’t live nearby, you do not have to drive (the planet thanks you!), you do not spend valuable time in traffic or parking, and you can call from your comfortable sacred space. 

Now my “on call” telephone practice can keep me busy from 10 AM - 7 PM Sunday through Friday. I made the decision to reserveThursdays for my clients in Jacksonville. 

I think I have been offering readings a Midnight Sun for at least 5 years now, and after some trial and error, it seems that Thursday is the day most people are able to drop in for a reading. No appointment is needed on Thursday, so the day can be very relaxed.

Although people often want to make an appointment on Thursday, I cannot accept appointments. Thursday is “First Come/First Served.”

Walk-In Thursday usually unfolds in a happy way. Readings offered are either 15 minutes long or half an hour long. If I am not free, you may sign in at the register for the next open session.      

Midnight Sun is such a lovely store! Jewels, crystals, incense, clothing, gifts of all kinds as well as a large selection of clothing make waiting a pleasant experience if I am not able to take you right away. 

If you have prepared for your session by reading the articles on my site & have your questions ready this makes the reading process easy.  If you want tips on how to best ask your questions that answer is published as “Help Me Ask My Questions.” 

I also offer a PodBean  broadcast for new clients. There are two short articles, one on mediumship, and one is an introduction to the reading process for new clients. There is also an hour long public talk on clairvoyance and a bit more information about me. 

I accept cash, debit and credit cards for your convenience. The atmosphere of the store is wonderful. The staff is quite helpful, and I am very pleased to offer readings there. If you like, you are welcome to record your reading.

What many do not realize is that a clairvoyant Tarot reading, or a psychic reading with Tarot can be the best, most honest, second opinion you will ever receive. An ethical reader will scan the Akashic Recored to find all information about your past, present and future (with your permisison) and share that information with you. 

As an ethical reader, I will tell you the truth about what I see unfolding. That truth is based on your present moment. If you do not like the outcome revealed in your session, we can look to see what you can do to change that future. 

I hope you enjoyed my blog. I look forward to meeting you soon. 


What Psychics & Clairvoyant Readers Can Offer • Reasonable Expectations

I had a phone call and booked a phone session for a new client, a woman who did not seem familiar with the best use of Tarot. 

I believe she had unreasonable expectations of a readers psychic ability. Her first question was “When will I get an investor for my business.”  I gave an answer to the question, however, it is unlikely that the answer is my most accurate answer. 

The best way to get this kind of information and all other information needed to successfully attract investors, is to ask “Show me the outcome of my business plan to attract investors.”  It is even more useful to tell the name of the business. I work best with a solid starting point. It saves time and ensures accuracy. 

This particular client received an answer to this and one other cryptic and rather difficult question “Who is the investor.” (Clearly she knew much more about the situation than she cared to share.) After receiving her answers, she then told me she did not feel a connection to me. 

I did not feel a connection for her. Aggressive and demanding questions with no willingness to participate in the reading process by sharing (through visualization only) background information that ensures we are both looking at the same situation, makes it very difficult to connect. I happily refunded the session price after 7 minutes on the phone.

I had another client call for her first session with me. She spent a good deal of time telling me about her last reader. Every reader is different, we all have our own process. This reader would have the client sit at the table and then being to read Tarot. The new caller wanted me to provide the very same service. 

When I first started reading some 20 years ago, I would read in this same way. The client would sit down, think of their question (I really do need some participation. I really do need you to want to have a reading, to participate, to permit me to open the door to the Akashic Record to give you a reading.  I need you to share verbally or non verbally your questions with the Tarot.) 

I read in this way at the start of my career to help my clients feel comfortable with my abilities. I read this way so that my clients would have confidence that I was able to do what I say I can do. I can see the future outcome of situations. In order to maintain peace of mind, I allow this ability to manifest only when needed. I “see” when clients need me to do so. 

The rest of my life I live as calmly and as much in the present as is possible. Of course from time to time the future bursts into view, or I “know” about events and situations without seeking to know. I keep that information to myself. 

I explained to the caller who wanted to have a reading in which she simply sat down and had a session that I no longer read that way. It is not cost effective for my clients, and it is not efficient. Almost every person who sits at the table knows what they want to see, they know why they have come for a reading.

Yes, I can sit, connect with you, find your portion of the Akashic Record and then spend time finding your questions, then the answers, however this method dramatically limits the number of questions we can answer in a 15 minute session. As well, I use a great deal of energy looking for the question or concerns you already know you want to ask.  

Why not simply ask me the question, from an empowered perspective, (I have an article on this topic) and then visualize the details for a few moments so that I may go directly to look at the matter and give you the answer? 

Asking the question verbally ensures the following:

  1. that in the vast planet filled with billions of people, I find the person you are worried about,
  2. that I am able to find the job you either want to leave, accept, or the best way to improve your condition at that position,
  3. that you are a willing participant in the process,
  4. that I look no further than is helpful (many people have childhood traumas they are not yet ready to process) and have a very strong value that above all, I do no harm.

Another reason I read using the "question, visualization, response" format is that this method helps to separate me from some of the con artists in town who offer “general” readings. 

Sadly I am still receiving letters from people who are in the process of a con game, and are told by “psychics” to purchase candles and other items costing hundreds of dollars because the reader “saw” some evil, danger, curse, or spirit that plagues the client. 

I sell my services by time. The fee is set. There are no additional items to buy. I do not do “work.” 
The 15 minute session, either live or by phone, costs $40. The half hour session costs $70. I have a large blog here, a website, and other blogs and podcasts to introduce myself and my process to you. 

If you would like more information, or to purchase a reading, please visit my web site. I hope this post helps you feel more comfortable with my style (which I know is not for everyone.) 

Thank you, 

Ann George