What to Expect for Your First Psychic Reading - by Ann George - Psychic

Notes on what is possible and appropriate when consulting a psychic.

People coming for their first psychic reading may not have any idea what to expect.  The scenarios provided by movies and television are very far removed from the reality of a consultation with an experienced psychic. 

At my studio the emphasis is on your well being.

When you are coming for a reading this is your time to get your needs met. My goal is to provide honest, accurate answers to your questions to the best of my ability. I will give you my full attention and help you feel at ease by answering any questions you have about the reading process. 

A good psychic reading should provide you clarity, insight and direction. You may also feel validated, affirmed and empowered. You may find the energy of the reading process is very comfortable . With each clear answer you might be both exhilarated and relaxed. 

I have published a list of frequently asked questions for you to review. This will give you some idea about what others want to know. It is possible to see the best way for you to heal from emotional wounding, or how to achieve closure, forgiveness, and peace of mind about life issues that are important to you. 

Many people want to see the outcome of continuing a dating relationship or the best path to find right love. Others want to connect with departed loved ones, or to see the future of their career choices. Some people want to see the outcome of moving to another city while others need insights on the best way to get a raise in their current positions. 

There is no limit to the kind of questions you may ask however it is important to ask an empowered question. An empowered question, one that puts you at the center of the matter,  always gives the most room for a thorough answer.  For more information about empowered questions visit this page before you choose to schedule a reading, I believe it will help you work well with most any psychic you choose. 

To be sure you will be comfortable, please call ahead to speak with your reader before scheduling a session. If you are booking a reader from a phone service, this may not be possible, so please read his or her introduction carefully. A professional psychic will take your call and happily answer questions about their process, fees, or questions about the kind of readings they offer. 

Consulting a psychic, clairvoyant who uses an oracle such as Runes or the Tarot enables many to feel even more confident they are making good decisions. The Tarot is a well respect oracle with a rich history. Based on ancient spiritual and metaphysical principles, Tarot is a very useful tool in the right hands and some readers offer psychic sessions with Tarot. 

Some readers will want you to ask them your question. Some psychics will want you to tell them your backstory while others do not need to hear but prefer to “see” the history that prompts the question. Some psychics offer general readings and do not want you to say anything at all.  Calling first will help you know what to expect from each reader. 

I take a good many calls from people who may not have done their research and have had a frightening experience. Scam artists who pose as psychics can do a great deal of harm. 

Usually the con artist discovers a problem of some kind and offers a cure, a very expensive cure. If you feel uncomfortable in a session or if someone tries to sell you magic or “work," I encourage you to leave that situation at once. 

I will not find curses, hexes nor bad luck that someone has “put on” you.*  I will not answer questions you do not ask. I am not looking for dark clouds in your aura nor any problems you do not have. I will not use your session to try to sell you anything. My purpose is to be of service. All good readers really do want to help their clients. 

You will know you have found a good reader because you feel comfortable talking with that person. If you choose someone who has good reviews, has been in practice several years and who will take your interview phone calls you are well on the way to experiencing the benefits of seeing your future. 

To schedule a session with me, please call 904-993-7466.

Wishing you joy on the journey. 

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 


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