Finding the Right Psychic Reader: Tips for Choosing an Ethical Psychic

It may be that you find the best psychic reader the very first time you call for information. That is wonderful when it happens. 

Often people find they have to make several phone calls and “interview” several readers before they find someone they feel comfortable consulting. 

Choosing the right psychic is just as important as most any other lifestyle choice. 

I encourage you to choose someone who is willing to take your call, answer questions about the services that reader provides, quotes you pricing and in general is available to you for that important first call. 

If you feel rushed off the phone or pressured to make an appointment, you may want to keep looking for a reader who is more available to you. A professional psychic consultant should want you to feel comfortable with your choice and want you to understand the services they offer. 

Once you have chosen your psychic, it is important to come to your session with honesty, openness and the willingness to participate in the reading process. Your attention is critical whether you have chosen someone for a “general reading” or you prefer a question specific reader - you must be fully present to get the best outcome. 

Remember, everyone in business wants to succeed, to be liked and to do well. In most businesses a great effort is made to please the client. When it comes to psychic services, you may find that honesty is more valuable than your comfort in the long run.

In my practice, I must honestly answer each and every question you ask me, regardless of whether the answer is pleasing. Some questions are difficult to hear. Sometimes psychics are asked very powerful questions that can redirect the future and complete attention as well as candor is a must. 

Sometimes we are asked questions that we would rather not have to answer such as “When will my _________ die?” or other questions regarding health, longevity, marital fidelity. To be sure, sometimes death is a blessing to those who are watching a loved one suffer. Still, it may be difficult to hear, and hard to answer. 

The best readers will find the accurate answer to your question and stay with you during the answer to be sure you understand just what was revealed. The truth is what most clients come to hear. 

Psychics or clairvoyants who have mastered their own preferences can come to a session without prejudice, judgment and expectation. I feel it is critical for a reader to be as objective as possible and to tell difficult truths with kindness. 

Some readers are very loving, very reassuring, and offer comfort and emotional support. Others are more factual and strive to provide accurate answers in an objective manner. There are all sorts of personal variations in between these examples. 

Once you are in session, in particular if you are working with a new psychic, if you find that your reader has missed the mark, it is a kindness to let them know. Everyone has a day when they are not top notch! 

Some readers may feel an initial disconnect with their client, but will continue to try to provide a reading all the same. There are many kind reasons why this happens. Many times the reader knows that it can take a moment or two to “find” the person or the matter their seeker is asking about  Sometimes language gets in the way. 

From time to time you may think you have asked a direct question only to find that your psychic heard you say something else.  I stop throughout the reading to ask “Is that clear?”. I am trusting you to tell me that it is not if you have no idea what I am talking about, or if you feel I am describing the wrong person, place or situation. 

Every reader will have a bad day, so you may want to evaluate your psychic kindly if you have been working with them for some time and it seems they are not accurate with all their answers. He or she may not be aware that they are a bit “off” when they book your session, nor perhaps even as the session begins. 

One complication in the reading process is that often the seeker has a very fixed idea about a person, a relationship or a career choice. When dealing with questions concerning relationships many times a person can be blinded by desire, anger, resentment or love and therefore be unwilling to hear a message that contradicts their perception of the beloved. 

My clients would much prefer that I tell them the truthful answer, yet some answers are hard to tell. Sometimes the dream is not coming true, the beloved is not faithful, or the plan will fail.

If you are able to remain open minded, and ask your psychic questions to clarify what he or she meant to say, a better understanding of the message can be realized. Then again, your reader really may have missed the mark and the answer be of no seeming value. 

I publish articles to blogs and websites on many topics pertaining to psychic readings and more often I will publish articles on Tarot. I use the Tarot in readings as it is a wonderfully accurate oracle and well respected. I find Tarot to be the key to the Akashic Record and a steady guide once there.  The Tarot is a “book of mirrors” and is highly responsive to your thoughts as well as the spoken word.  

Over the years I have developed a tremendous respect for this oracle, and refer to the Tarot during a clairvoyant reading be sure that I am on point, and answering as honestly as I can. I too may fall short on any given day, not for want of trying. Each person gifted with psychic abilities has different talents. 

If you are feeling hurt, or badly used, or as if the “other” should be the first one to call, or to make some effort to heal the relationship then you may not be open to the answer that you  must take the first step to achieve healing.  Sometimes the answer requires that you, the client take some responsibility to participate in the solution. 

To come to the point, it is always best to let your psychic consultant know right away if you are not comfortable or feel that they are not able to see for you. Speaking up will save you both time and money as well as the discomfort from sharing later that the reading wasn’t all it should have been. 

A failure to make a good connection one session does not mean that psychic is “fake” or “false” or “has no gifts”. Anyone can have a bad day at work. Of course as psychic consultants often deal with important emotional questions, having a bad day is no consolation to the client. 

Speaking up to share that you are not comfortable and prefer to stop now, perhaps to reschedule later, is the best way to ensure a full refund of payment made. When you purchase a reading, you really are paying for the psychics time, talent and attention. Should he or she fail to provide you first quality time and attention it is best to point that out. 

If you are trying a new reader, please purchase the smallest package possible so that you can see if the two of you are a good match. Hopefully you have visited a website that provides you a good overview of what to expect as well as references or testimonials. 

If you choose to purchase a session with me, I am sure I can meet all the suggested requirements I have posted. To schedule, please call my Studio at 904-993-7466. I offer in person as well as phone readings most everyday. 

For more information or to prepay for your reading, please visit my phone friendly site.

Thank you for your kind attention to my blog. 

Ann George

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All rights reserved - 2018


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