It's In the Cards! The Tarot - a closer look

From time to time I meet people who are very uncomfortable with the very idea of Tarot cards. It seems that to many the Tarot has been represented as unclean, dangerous, a tool of the Dark Arts or as something to be feared and avoided. 

However more and more people are willing to test that theory and ask me about Tarot card readings. I am very glad for this. Once properly understood, the Tarot ceases to be frightening and instead becomes a very useful tool to help achieve the future that one really does hope for. 

I began an intensive study of Tarot in 1995. This study began as a relentless pursuit to discover the origins of the interpretations.

When I found the Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson the little book in the back sent me on a tour of Hermetics, the Tree of Life model of the universe as well as a visit to publications about the Golden Dawn. 

I came to realize that the Tarot fit perfectly on the Kabbalahistic Tree of Life.The Major Arcana are indeed each a path on that Tree. Each card in the Major Arcana coincides with one of the paths as well as the nature of movement of divine energy from one sphere of consciousness to another. 

To get a better understanding of all the possible interpretations of the Major Tarot I studied some Hermetics. What a wonderful rabbit hole I found. (I may not have made clear that I am referring to the mystery school of esoteric Judaism.)

The Tarot and origin of meaning is a very complex and rewarding study. I am including a few links to sources of more information is it is impossible to cover the relevant topics in a short post. If you do click a link, I hope you enjoy the journey of discovery as much as I.

Through that little book I also came to realize how the Minor Arcana are indeed an out picturing of the Zodiac, that their meaning is derived from the Astrology of Tarot which is the placement of planets in signs and the interpretation of the affect of each planet on each sign. 

If today, you have a glimpse of the spiritual path of study that reveals the meaning of Tarots you may also become interested in consulting this “book of mirrors”. 

Knowing that the meaning of cards is not random, that the interplay of unfolding time, life path challenges and qualities of personality are all easily included in the images, I hope you will realize that the rich mystery involved flows from a higher source than you may have imagined. 

Born clairvoyant I found the Tarot to be a perfect tool to help me use my “seeing’ to best benefit others who seek insights into their lives. If you would like to consult the Tarot with me, you may do so by phone, or in person at one of two locations in Jacksonville, Florida. 

For more information, please call 904-993-7466 or my site. 


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