Tarot: key to your inner vision, knowing, and a portal to your best possible future.

This blog is written to the seers and seekers as both must be pressed by the seemingly concrete world of traffic, shopping, “shows,” bills, and bills, and the pressure to get ahead…. or, for some,  just to get a place to sleep for the night. 

It seems modern Western society tries to press us into an unnatural world view. It presents us with a created reality, one no longer built from mud and thatch, from logs or sod. Our homes are built by other hands and no longer our own. Our food grown by others or processed by others and re-presented to us in various forms.

The dirt roads are paved, the homesteads with garden, chickens, perhaps a cow or goat are long gone. The pushcart vendors selling fresh vegetables from country gardens do not cry out in the city streets selling the fruit of the earth nor the fish from the sea. 

The young are faced with a fabricated reality that separates them from the living Earth and all those wonders. City children, plagued by light pollution, may not see the stars. Many cannot identify a vegetable from the garden.

Is it any wonder that I receive calls from the sensitive, the seers and the seekers, the ones who are born to see beyond the presented concrete present when their “seeing” or their seeking overwhelms them? 

Many of us often need a moment of validation that yes - there are spirits and energies that abide with us in this world. Yes, we can see and even change our futures. Sometimes we need to know that we may well feel the presence our our dead, and the future is revealed in our dreams.

Accepted sacred texts talk of angels and archangels & demons in one tradition and of spirits, energies, deities and darknesses in others.  All these energies as well as those created by technology are around us all the time.

The vibration of traffic sounds drown the cricket in the night, the hawk as she calls her young, the rustle of leaves and the sound of our heartbeat. 

Lights on everywhere distort time and confound our ancient rhythms. We are bombarded by invisible frequencies and visible messaging that can take our breath away and turn our minds away from the interdependent oneness of the natural world…… separating us from ourselves. 

No longer allowed to freely roam on foot or horseback, to pitch a tent where we please, light a fire, cook fresh fish from clear streams and then to stargaze, we are pushed into boxes, then step into moving boxes to drive to working boxes to earn paper money to buy what we used to grow or barter for. We are encouraged or to buy things we are conditioned to believe we need, items made without sacred intent, items that harm the environment.

We are told: This is the way to live! We are to be outer defined, measured by our bank accounts, our titles, our ability to meet a standard of beauty or success that seems to be a one size must fit all or, like the “ugly” vegetable, we are bound for the discard pile. We must blend in. 

When we were closer to the Earth and watched the movement of the heavens, felt the change of season, saw the migrations of birds or buffalo, we felt the spirits or energies of places, saw our omens, had our spirit visions. Many of us still do. 

One benefit of consulting the Tarot - the door to the world that is constantly coming - is that it enables you to reconnect with your inner ancient wisdom. It enables and empowers you to hear your own voice,  your rhythmic knowing that me be drowned in the sound of the everyday. 

The Tarot can reveal the future you are creating, and if you do not like that outcome, you may seek to see the outcome of another path and so choose your steps wisely.
My purpose as clairvoyant consultant - one who uses this great oracle, Tarot, to ensure the most accurate answer to any question asked, is to serve as the gatekeeper to your own connection with timeless knowing. 

That may sound very grand, yet time after time, clients report that they feel better after a reading. They feel validated, even if the outcome was not what they may have hoped for - it was the foreseen future of what they were co-creating, and therefore, known to them even if that knowing was subconscious.

I found this post while searching for another point of view on the idea of the world that is constantly coming, and found my own:

“As nature moves the rose to unfold, opening to full potential, so too may we open to realize our fullest potential. The Tarot, and ancient book for mirrors reveals the World that is Constantly Coming. Explore the future you wish to create.” 
Ann George • 2013.

I close with this, as well as an invitation to visit my site, explore my blogs, and consider treating your self to a reading this new year. Why not take a chance? Step out of your boxes and see the outcome of trying on new ones? 

With all best wishes, 

Ann George


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