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What happens in a Tarot Card Reading?

Sometimes people are very nervous when they come for their first reading, in part because they really do not know what to expect. While each reader is different, and each reading is different, if you have an ethical consultant, then there are several truths that should apply to each and every session.

The first truth is that you are in control. The Tarot is a vibrational tool, a picture book of archetypes and truths about the experiences we all face as spiritual beings in a material world. Although we are unique, life does present us all the same ultimate challenges.

We all face birth, death, illness, victory, success, loss, love - of course the list of what we share can go on and on. What is important is that  each of us will react (vibrate) to these experiences in our own unique way.

There will also be times when we feel lost, adrift, in need of guidance, clarity, insight and direction. It is in these times that Tarot is a most perfect tool to help you find your way toward the brig…

Tarot Readings for Court Cases & Legal Matters

As a professional clairvoyant Tarot consultant, which is the best way to describe my work, I am asked to see the outcome, or future, of many kinds of events, choices, circumstances and relationships.
I am willing to answer any question asked. The rule is that I must tell you the truthful answer to the best of my ability, no matter what that answer may be. I have learned over time to deliver very painful truths as gently as possible.
I have also learned that your dollar is best spent seeing the outcome of events over which you have some authority. 
This is particularly true when it comes to Legal Matters in general and Court Cases in particular. This does not mean that I cannot provide assistance to clients who are facing legal matters. 
There are many excellent questions to ask a reader if you are headed for legal trouble of any kind. Some of those questions are:
Show me the out come of choosing __ (attorney or law firm name here )__ to represent me in this matter.
Show me the best way to p…

Psychic Phone Readings - How To Find A Good Phone Psychic

If you are curious about psychic readings, and would like to have a phone reading (an option many of my local clients choose) a quick search of the web will reveal so many choices! How do you choose?

Here are a few suggestions: Choose a psychic phone reader who is in private practice. Choose a psychic reader who offers a flat, fixed rate for the services provided.Choose a psychic reader who offers an ethics or a values statement on their website.Choose a psychic reader that has a website that offers you useful information. Choose a reader who is happy to take your call, provide additional information about his or her services, experience, and check to see if they can answer the kind of questions you have. (I, for example, cannot find lost persons, nor lost objects.) Beware of readers who promise to solve all problems, reunite lovers, bring wealth. Choose a psychic reader who publishes their photo on line.Choose a price that you are comfortable with.I invite you to avoid psychics that …

Psychic readings, black auras, demons working against you & when to walk away.

I recently received an email from a woman who wrote to ask my opinion of her encounter with a "psychic reader." Here is her letter:

"I have recently gone to see a psychic and was told I had a dark purple almost black aura. They told me they would help cleanse me.  I went back for part of my cleanse and she told me she was looking to see where this negative energy is originating from. On my third visit, I was told I have demons working against me.  I really would like a second opinion on this because for them to help me it is going to cost $3,500 and thats a lot, so i really want to see if there really are demons. If i could schedule a reading that would be great. Hope to hear from you soon."

Here is my reply:

"Please, do not believe the "psychic" who has told you all these horrible things. The pattern you are reporting is a traditional scam that is used by unethical "psychics". Please do not give them any more money! There will always be a …

The Deviant Moon Tarot • A review by Ann George

The Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza A review by Ann George • Professional Tarot Consultant
This is a remarkably powerful tool for the experienced Tarot consultant. For best use, the reader should have a thorough understanding of the origin of interpretation of Tarot from the Hermetic or Golden Dawn perspective.

With a good grasp of the Tree of Life and the deeper meaning of Tarots, in particular the importance of the Sephira, the Elements and the Astrology of each card, the reader is given a key to empower the seeker to open doors to his or her inner mind in a most profound way.

This deck is for the brave, the mystic, the healer, shaman, and all who are willing to look deep within to see the why of their behaviour. This deck does not offer the traditional visual cues a novice reader might depend on to interpret a spread. Rather, in a wise and provocative manner, the artist superimposes visual images that almost contradict the expected imagery for the Major and Minor Arcana.

It is my…

Love Readings • How to Get the Most a Psychic Session

One of the great truths of love is that at some point in time, emotional/sexual love based on desire of the other will hurt. Many people seek the advice of a psychic, clairvoyant, or even a spell caster when they are in emotional pain during a love relationship.

Sometimes, in an effort to relieve that pain, in an anxiety to have closure, a client will want to know if their beloved will divorce them, if their beloved understands how badly they have behaved, if their beloved will return.

All of these questions are coming from a passive point of view. The active point of view is to ask:
"Show me the outcome of leaving my partner."
"Show me the outcome of waiting for my partner to return."

If one is in pain..... then it is far easier to take charge of one's life and make decisions that are healing, empowering and forward moving. Waiting for someone else to make everything OK by coming home, or promising true love, is not an empowered path.

I post this now because …

Tarot Readings • The Hardest Things to See

Many time times clients want to know what someone else is thinking or feeling. Sometimes, particularly people who are in love, or are in a loving relationship, will want to know about the beloved.

I have been asked many unanswerable questions such as:

"What does he/she think of me?""How does she/he feel about the letter I wrote?""When will he/she call me?""Why does she/he not understand __________ (what I am trying to say) ?""Does he/she love me?""Why did he/she say that?" 
The reasons I name these questions as unanswerable are many. First, at any given moment, a person may feel angry toward you, and then in five minutes, remember all the kindness you have done and feel loving toward you. Trying to accurately report another persons thoughts or feelings about a particular situation is very difficult. 
Further, there is no real power to be had in the answer, no peace. The better question, the better way to get your needs met, i…

Ann George offers Clairvoyant Tarot in Five Points, Jacksonville, Florida.

Hello everyone!

Some of you may have tried to find me online and discovered that you cannot access my website: No worries, my site is still there, and I am still "here" offering live readings at The Midnight Sun by appointment.

I am also offering phone readings as well for clients who are out of town. For those who wish to book a session and pay online, please know that we can continue to work together during this internet breakdown.

Please feel welcome to call the Studio at 904-993-7466 to schedule your appointment. We can work together by phone or in person, which ever works best for you. I am able to send an electronic invoice for phone sessions as need be.

This site outage seems to affect only AT&T customers, who are probably not seeing many sites right now. I am hoping my site will be back for viewing in the very near future, and my web hosting service is doing all they can to return me to "live" web presence.

Thanks to all my regula…