Major Arcana Workshop - Sunday 12/12 @ 1 PM

The Empress: Manifestation of The Feminine Balance

All are welcome to join the ongoing Major Arcana Workshop that will meet this Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 1:00 PM at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.

Professional Tarot Consultant Ann George will teach this two hour intensive that reveals the origins of interpretation of the Tarot of the Empress. The Empress is the second feminine Tarot in the Major Arcana, and the importance of a right understanding of the many possible interpretations of the archetype cannot be under stated.

The study deck for the course is The Hermetic Tarot Deck, which is available  for purchase at The Midnight Sun. The fee for the the class is $15 - Cash.  The Workshop will continue until all the Major Arcana have been covered.

As we are still in the early stages of the intensive, now is a very good time to become a part of this vital workshop. A question and answer period is included in the class.


The Priestess - Embodiment of the Middle Pillar

The Major Arcana Intensive Workshop meets this Sunday, November 14, 2010 in the lovely studio at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.

This class will focus on the deeper meanings and the origin of interpretation of  the Tarot of The Priestess. The purpose of the Intensive is to explore the deeper meanings of the Tarot, engage the participants in question and answer to reveal not only the importance of study, but also our own preconceptions and innate reactions to the archetypal images and spiritual concepts of The Priestess.

The workshop will be taught from the Hermetic perspective, although all aspects of divination and interpretation will also be covered as time allows.

The Priestess is the first of the female images in the Major Arcana, and she holds a special place in the dynamic process of the creation theology under discussion. She it the first Tarot of the Middle Pillar....... the path between the pause before the moment of creation and the Beauty of the manifestation of the Divine in the Mundane world.

I hope you will be able to join us. The class meets from 1PM - 3PM. The Fee is $15 - cash please. FMI, please contact Ann George - Clairvoyant Tarot consultant and teacher for this series.


How Often Should I Have a Reading?

This is an excellent question, one that I am asked time and again.. and if you will indulged me, I will post an answer that hopefully addresses all aspects of when to have a reading.

In general, it is best to have a reading either every three months or every six months. Why?

The future is always unfolding, and each action we take generates a consequence. Each consequence impacts our future, and to have a reading that provides a glimpse of the future you are co-creating is always wise.

If you are well-placed in life, comfortable with the world you have created, and your life seems orderly, then a reading every six months is probably best. You might order the 15 minute reading and ask to see the outcome of continuing your present spiritual or professional path. If the outcome revealed is to your liking... then you are on course.

If you are at a place in time where you are beginning to create or recreate a future, and there are many choices, many decisions, many suitors, then you may choose to read every three months until you have a sense of mastery, or of rightness about the direction your life is taking.

There are crisis times.. illness, divorce, problems with children or loved ones.. perhaps unemployment... when everything is up in the air and out of control. You may feel really distressed and helpless. In these circumstances, you might choose to have a reading every 10 days to two weeks.

I will never recommend daily readings, or twice weekly readings, and to date, I do not recall a circumstance that has required that. The important thing to remember is that if nothing changes, nothing changes. If you are not able to take an action to change your present situation.. no matter what that action is... then the future that was revealed will be unfolding.

It is possible that another person may take an action that affects your future, however, should this occur, then the best way to gain insight is to ask to see the outcome of the actions of the other. It is not useful to ask: "Does she think of me?", "Will he call me?", "Will I ever see him/her again?. These kinds of questions are very difficult to answer accurately. As well, they reveal a lack of  power on the part of the seeker at that moment in time.

The proactive way to gain insight here is to ask:"Show me the outcome of calling my friend.", or "Show me the outcome of inviting him/her to dinner." This may seem like a fine point of language, however the purpose to help you gain power to change your future ( if possible ) and to prevent harm.

There are times when all these guidelines fly out the window... and if you feel like you need a reading, you are probably right. I have published numerous articles on my site to help you gain an understanding of the services I offer as a professional Clairvoyant reader. I always use Tarot, and find this choice provides the greatest insight possible.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.


The Magician - Tarot Intensive Class Two - October 10, 2010

Join us this Sunday afternoon for the second in a series of classes that focus on understanding the deepest meanings of the Major Arcana of Tarot. 

The Tarot Salon meets the second Sunday of every month at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 at 1:00 PM. All are welcome to attend. The study deck is "The Hermetic Tarot" by Godfrey Dowson and study guides will be provided. 

Ann George, a professional Tarot Consultant will teach this class which includes a discussion of Cabalistic Creation theory, Hermetic principles as pertains to  the outer and inner meanings of The Magician as well a the fortunate and unfortunate interpretations of the card. 

Class fee is $15 for the two hour salon which will help you come to understand the origin of interpretation. Numerology, Astrology and the Ethic of the right use of Taro will be addressed. Cash is accepted at this time. 


Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto

Please enjoy this lovely video about the power of words.
Think Love!


Tarot - Questions, Answers and World Views

When you come for a reading with me, it is important to know that I read from the Active tense.. or from the "Co-created Universe" perspective rather than the Passive tense, or the "Fated Universe" perspective.

I feel it is important to address this issue now as more clients are asking me to tell answer questions such as:
"Does he/she love me?", 
"What does my new boss think of me?"
"What is my daughter thinking right now?"
"What will he/she do next?"
"Will he/she ever call me again?"

While I understand that you may want to know where you stand in your love relationship, and I am happy to answer that question, it has proven best over time for you to ask to see the outcome of continuing your relationship with that person. 

The hardest thing  to read is the mind of another person in a particular moment.  A mind can be as changeable as air, and like a breeze blow softly, not at all, fiercely... all in a matter of moments.

However, if you want to see the longterm outcome of being in relationship with another person is quite possible. It is also possible to discover the best way to heal a relationship, and to see the outcome of taking a particular position in a relationship.

By asking a relationship question that makes you an active participant in the relationship, more accurate answers, more information is available. So.. if you want to know if your lover is faithful, or if your marriage will last, then asking to see the outcome of continuing your relationship with that person will reveal all kinds of useful information that you may use to decide whether to continue in that relationship or not.

I am best able to read the past, present and future outcomes of choices. I am able to tell you what will happen if you make a particular choice or take a particular action.  I will then be able to tell you that future, based on your past experience  and your current actions.

Sometimes people want to know if they "should" do, or "should not" do, something in particular. I also invite my clients to rephrase that question to ask:

"Show me the outcome of choosing to............" 
This way I will be able to tell you what will most probably occur, and you are then able to decide for yourself if you "should" take that action. You will then be responsible to decide for yourself if this action will benefit you, or if you should do it.

When discussing this topic in a workshop the other day, I realized that the term "Co-created Universe Perspective" needed a bit more explanation, so I will explore that idea in greater detail now. 

I believe in causality, that every action has a consequence.  I believe that the consequences of not only our actions, but also our thoughts and words will manifest at some point in time in our world. Whether actions manifest in this or another lifetime is not for me to say.    

So, if you are seeking to consult a psychic about a relationship, or to order a love reading, please be aware that some readers will address your questions from the Active world view, and others from the Passive world view.

To illustrate: I had a call after business hours the other night from a young woman who seemed quite manic when she called. In a rush she explained to me that she had called another psychic, seeking a free reading, and that psychic had told her that someone had "done some work" on her boyfriend, and that her boyfriend was "turned against her" and would marry another woman UNLESS the caller hired that psychic to do "more work" to reverse the first spell cast. 

At that point in the rush of information, I invited the caller to pause, have a deep breath, and to visit my site for a more information on the reading process, how to ask questions and how to avoid psychic scams. When seeking information about love, or any other matter, the best use of Tarot is to provide clarity, insight and direction.

Is it possible to see the future? Of course. We all see the future all the time. If you have ever sat high in the bleachers in a ball park you have seen the future. You have known -  before the batter knew  -  if the rightfield player would catch the ball...  or not. You have had the advantage of a distant and objective perspective on the situation. 

Clairvoyant (or psychic) readers have the advantage of that objective perspective. Some excel in particular areas of work...... some in others. I am a question specific reader. I do not ask for a specific question to be difficult, nor to be controlling. 

Rather, I am certain that our world is always much bigger, more magical, full of greater possibility that we acknowledge and I am not comfortable answering the question "What does the future have in store for me?" If you are able to first ask the future of your career, your health, your love relationship, your educational path, your spiritual journey, I could be of more use.

I know that it is easy to become entangled in the machinery of the moment and lose sight of our True Selves, our best qualities, our hopes and dreams... our essence. I know that sometimes, faced with many important life choices that a reading - in my case I offer clairvoyant tarot readings - can bless us with a second point of view that serves to clarify what we may already know.

I invite you to visit my site or to explore this blog for more information. Thank you for your kind attention to this post.

Ann George


The Reading Room at The Midnight Sun - Clairvoyant Tarot Readings in Jacksonville, Florida

I am pleased  to post a photo of a lovely, spiritual space.

This is the Tarot reading room located in the back of The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida.

This is where you may come for your clairvoyant Tarot reading. If you would like a friend or partner to sit in on your reading, this is just fine.  I am able to add an extra chair if need be.

Please be sure to call ahead to schedule your reading. You may reach be at 904-993-7466. Ann George


Important update - new site using my name is not endorsed nor affiliated with Ann George Studios, Inc.

It came to my attention today that there is a new web site on line. Interestingly the domain name of this site uses my web site name as their url. Ann George Studios, Inc. home page carries the description: "Psychic -Ann George - Clairvoyant." .. and all these adjectives apply to me, and the kind of work I do.

The new site is using: pyschicanngeorgeclairvoyantinfo as their domain name. I suppose I should flattered in some way? After providing service to clients on line since 2000, my website has earned a good search engine placement.

That someone should try to take advantage of the placement by using my name to draw traffic to their site seems less than straight forward. Of course, I wish all honorable merchants the best of luck!

I do want to make it perfectly clear that I am not affiliated with, nor do I endorse the web site found at that address.

Ann George
Clairvoyant, Psychic, and Usui Reiki Master.


Tarot Salon - Class & Metaphysical Discussion Today.

All are welcome to attend the monthly Tarot class in the lovely Studio at The Midnight Sun today - 8/8/10 from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM. Class fee is $15 cash. The Midnight Sun in located at 1044 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.

Professional Tarot consultant and clairvoyant reader Ann George will teach Tarot from the Hermetic perspective for the first hour of the class. The second hour is a question and answer session on Tarot and other metaphysical topics.

Students decide what aspect of Tarot to study, and the class is conducted accordingly. Last class, the focus was on how to interpret the spread of cards, and the best spreads to use to gain a clear understanding of the matter on the table.

Some cushions are provided for sitting.  You are welcome to bring your own meditation cushion and your favorite Tarot deck as well.


Tarot Class & Discussion Group Today 7/11/2010

All are welcome to attend the monthly Tarot class in the lovely Studio at The Midnight Sun today from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM. Class fee is $15 cash. The Midnight Sun in located at 1044 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.

Professional Tarot consultant and clairvoyant reader Ann George will teach Tarot from the Hermetic perspective for the first hour of the class. The second hour is a question and answer session on Tarot and other metaphysical topics.

Students decide what aspect of Tarot to study, and the class is conducted accordingly. Last class, the focus was on how to interpret the spread of cards, and the best spreads to use to gain a clear understanding of the matter on the table.

Some cushions are provided for sitting.  You are welcome to bring your own meditation cushion and your favorite Tarot deck as well.


Ethical Tarot Readings - A response to visitor mail by Ann George

Here is a letter a received from a visitor to my site. As this letter is not at all unusual, I thought it best to answer on the Blog and hope it will be of benefit to others.

"Dear Ms. George, 
My name is _________ and I'm ___ years old from Any City, USA. I have had many "psychic readings" over the years and spent hundreds of dollars on false prophecies. I am a true believer that there are some gifted individuals out there who can tap into their "3rd eye" and use their special gift to help people. Unfortunately, I have been duped so many times over.  

I have had it pretty rough over the past 5 years or so and truly need some spiritual guidance and maybe even some reassurance that everything will be OK.  Somehow, I was led to your site and take everything as a sign. I would absolutely love to schedule a reading session with you but am so skeptical.  

Is there any possible way that you may be able to show me that you are indeed the real deal to calm my fears of spending yet more money? I truly hope that I am not offending you by implying that you are not, but I just hope that you can understand where I am coming from.  

I hope to hear back from you soon and wish you love and light." 

My thoughts:
First, I am always confused by notes that say something like: "I spent hundreds of dollars on false prophecies." I don't offer any prophecies, just answers to questions about the outcome of choices. The best way to accomplish one's goals, the meaning and purpose of a relationship or an experience, or the outcome of some other action you wish to take.  The question one asks is very important and can impact the accuracy of a reading. I have published an article to help you get the most out of your reading experience.

The fee I charge is for the time spent in consultation. There are no extra or hidden fees... so.. if the first reading with me is not useful, nor accurate, then best to move on to a reader that is better able to be of service. I do not do "work", "Magick for money" nor do I "fix" anything. I do not reunite lost loves, bring your true love back to you, have winning lottery numbers nor do I cast spells of any kind at any time for any reason. I do not "solve all problems". 

I advise that one choose a reader with a values statement on line and perhaps a testimonials page. Or, one might ask friends who use readers to recommend someone. Call the psychic or clairvoyant to talk with them a few minutes before making an appointment to see if you are comfortable with their tone of voice, hours of operation, and willingness to offer answers to questions about their reading process.

As to the matter of offering " reassurance that everything will be OK" ... I wish I could do that. That is not my job. My responsibility is to give the most accurate answer possible to the question you ask. To tell you the truth, regardless of how wonderful or how painful that may be. The good news is that we are co-creating our future, so it is often possible to change our minds, and thus to change our futures.

** Note to the author of this letter - I am not at all offended by the letter, nor the questions. I am happy you wrote, giving me the opportunity to address questions of concern to others. Sadly, there really is no way for me to calm your fears that you are wasting your money.  Please refer to my testimonials page, read my blogs, visit the many articles on my site, read and reflect on the information there. Then, decide if you believe I am the reader for you.

I send you all best wishes for peace, abundance and happiness.


Ann George


Tarot Class & Discussion Group Today 6/13/2010

As scheduled, the Tarot Class will meet at 1:00PM at 1055 Park Street, The Midnight Sun. Fee for the class is $15 and the course runs until 3:00PM.

Experienced as well as new readers are welcome to attend. FMI: (904) 993- 7466. Class taught by ann George.


Past Life Readings - How to Benefit From Your Session.

It is not often than a person orders a past life reading, but I am always happy to offer them. Here are a few tips to have a successful experience.

1) It is best to ask to see your most relevant past life.
This question makes it easy to open the door to the Akashic record.  I will ask you to concentrate on your reasons for seeking a past life reading, to think of places, experiences, talents, music.. or some other factor that has caused you to choose to schedule a past life reading.

2) Be relaxed and open to the process.
Sometimes a past life reading will show up right away, sometimes we will get an answer to an unasked question you may have about your present life. Clairvoyant readings are an intuitive process, and it may take a moment to clearly see your most relevant past life. ( * I recently had a caller who was looking for validation of what another reader seen about a past life in a particular period. This may or may not occur. I will not know what another reader has seen for you.)

3) Know that I will use Tarot as well as Clairvoyance to find your answer.
If you are not comfortable with Tarot, and some people really are quite frightened of Tarot to this day, others just prefer not use them. As a professional reader who has been in service to both local and telephone customers for almost fifteen years, I use all the tools available to ensure you have the most accurate reading I can provide. Please review my articles on the Tarot for more information.

4) Know that sometimes we will only see glimpses of many lives, or the full history of just one.
 There really are no guarantees in a past life reading situation. I have no idea what we will find, and have offered session where the full tapestry of a life was revealed, followed by another and then another. For other clients, just snippets of time are revealed. My responsibility is to tell you the truth as I see it.

5) Please do not ask to see a life from a specific period of time. 
There may be readers who work very well that way, and can go and find you in a certain period of time. I am not one of those readers. It seems that when I read, I am able to see the past life that is "pressing" on this one most strongly.

In closing, it is usually best to schedule a half hour reading for the past life sessions. I invite you to schedule a 15 minute reading about present day matters to see if you feel comfortable consulting me, and to see if we work well together.

Please know that when purchasing psychic services, you are always reserving the time of your consultant. I will not be available to others, and will be on hand to take your call. If you are unable to keep your appointment, I am happy to reschedule. In general, all sales of psychic services are final.

Thank you for your kind attention to this post.


Tarot Class - Cancelled for Mother's Day

Greetings and best wishes to all.

I just realized that the second Sunday of May! Mother's Day...... not Tarot class Day.

Wishing all mothers' everywhere every happiness!!

Ann George


Tarot Class Today - 1055 Park Street - Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Tarot Class will be held today at 1:00 PM at The Midnight Sun. Topics for today will be non linear time, seeing the future, and past life readings.

Bring your cards, bring your questions... as always, the students determine the flow of the class. Clicking the title of this post will take you to the full Tarot Class outline.  I am happy to teach on any of those topics as well.

We will meet in the lovely studio in the back of the shop.  The class fee remains $15 per person. Exact change is a good thing.

See you soon.


Live Readings - New Pricing Begins 2/20/2010

Greetings all,

Just a quick note to post a modest fee increase for live sessions. Prices will go up $5.00 per session for in person readings to help cover various new expenses involved in provided live readings. To keep costs low, I will accept cash - no debit or credit cards - so no extra fees will be added there.

The new prices for in person readings are now $40 for a 15 minute reading and $70 for the half hour session. I thank you so much for your kind understanding... and look forward to seeing you all soon. Prices for telephone readings have not changed.

By phone, the 15 minute reading is $35 and the half hour remains $65.00 and still holding at 2008 pricing for online clients!

With best wishes,

Ann George


Tarot Class Is Cancelled for Sunday, 2.14.2010

The Tarot Class usually held the Second Sunday of every month will not be taught in February.

Ann George will be attending Losar celebrations on that day. To learn more about Tibetan New Year, please enjoy any of these links:
A Happy Losar Song
Losar: Students for a Free Tibet

Class will resume in March. I do apologize if anyone is inconvenienced by the cancellation.. but there are so many new items in stock at The Midnight Sun, you could find a bit of comfort there.

Tashi Delek.


Tarot Readings - Fees for Tarot Readings

Oh My Goodness!  I was just browsing around to see what is going on in the world of Tarot on the web. I am often very surprised by the sites I find & the prices people are charging.

Here is a very interesting site that lists many different readers available by phone and their prices per minute. I am surprised to see that some readers charge as much as $16 a minute! and they apparently have many favorable reviews.

Just a quick note for those who wonder about my prices. I still charge $35 for a fifteen minute reading. This session enables the answer to one, or as many as three simple questions. (As of 2018 I charge $40 for the 15 minute reading and $70 for the half hour. )

The half hour reading is $65 and offers the opportunity to ask four to six questions.

For an in depth look at all areas of your life, for complex issues, or for those who have not had a reading for many years, I offer the one hour reading for $125.

Some years ago, a client suggested that I raise my prices, at least to charge $40 for fifteen minutes and $75 for the half hour. At some point in the future, I may need to make that change.

My value is still that everyone should be able to afford a reading, should be able to access insight, direction, validation, and clarity when needed. For some of us, $5 is still quite a bit of money, for others... this is not true.

I also know that there is a mind-set in our culture.. that if something is valuable, then it will be expensive. I serve those who are able to discern value regardless of price.


Ann George


Notes from the January Tarot Class

The Tarot Salon/Workshop met as we always do, the second Sunday of the month in the lovely studio in the back of the Midnight Sun. This month students were able to ask many questions about the ethic of reading, how best to read, how to direct seekers to ask useful questions, the purpose & power of question driven readings as well as other topics that were of particular interest to those attending.

One of the most interesting discussion was about revealing the full, truthful answer in a reading. One reader present was very interested in when & how to reveal what might be disturbing or unfortunate news. A lively discussion ensued, and the consensus was that a Tarot reader must share all that is revealed in the reading. Editing information to protect the seeker would be an intrusion of the ego of the reader, and therefore, an interruption of the pure flow of wisdom that occurs in the process.

This conversation moved again to the topic of asking useful questions. It was decided that encouraging the seeker to ask questions could give the reader confidence that on a psycho-spiritual level, the seeker would be emotionally prepared for the answer, what ever it may be. As well, that during the reading process, the Tarot can serve as a filter, or a second witness, helping to ensure that the limits are imposed by the seeker on the depth of answer to be revealed.

While this idea may seem unusual to some, those who have read often know that the Tarot is a perfect book of mirrors, able to reflect back to the seeker the information needed to make an informed, or empowered decision. The Tarot is also useful to help determine time frames, important personalities at work in the life of the seeker, as pertains to the question, as well as the probable outcome of a situation given that the seeker continue to follow the path they are on at the time of the reading.

The desire to please, to be comforting, to be right... all these desires must be abandoned by the reader to ensure that only the information the seeker needs, and has paid for, is revealed.  Please note that this post is just a recap to highlight some of the most interesting topics discussed, there are far more aspects to each of the topics mentioned than can be discussed in this post.

We hope to see you at the next Tarot Workshop which will be Sunday, February 14th at 1:00 PM.


Tarot Reading Special: One Question - $10 - Saturdays only at The Midnight Sun

For those new to Tarot reading, and for regular clients who just have that One Important Question, Ann George Studios will add a new reading option to the menu.

Walk-in clients may received the answer to one question for $10. This mini  reading is very helpful for those who have never experienced the benefits of Tarot.

This service is offered only on Saturdays at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204. Store hours are 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM on Saturdays. Ten dollar Tarot readings are only offered between 12:30 and 5:30 PM.

Clients who make appointments for the 15 minute or half hour sessions will of course take priority.  Ann George will be available for walk-in clients most every Saturday. If you require more information, or wish to confirm Ann will be reading on the Saturday you wish to come, please call her office at 904.993.7466. Cash and only cash is accepted for the $10 session.

The staff of The Midnight Sun can refer  you to her, but they do not schedule sessions, nor do the have answers to complex questions about Tarot reading. For those answers, visit Ann George on line.


Tarot Class Will Meet Sunday, 1/10/2010 at 1:00 PM

Please feel welcome to participate in the ongoing Tarot Workshop offered the second Sunday of every month at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32205.

Class starts at 1:00PM and is open to students of all levels. Ann George, a professional Tarot consultant in private practice has taught Tarot for over 10 years. Capable of teaching a complete intensive, Ann George is offering students attending each class a chance to ask for instruction in the areas of greatest interest to them.

The course fee is $15 cash for the two hour workshop. The first hour is dedicated to instruction on the topics requested. The second hour is often a question and answer period. Students are encouraged to bring pen and paper, and to wear comfortable clothing.