The Magician - Tarot Intensive Class Two - October 10, 2010

Join us this Sunday afternoon for the second in a series of classes that focus on understanding the deepest meanings of the Major Arcana of Tarot. 

The Tarot Salon meets the second Sunday of every month at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 at 1:00 PM. All are welcome to attend. The study deck is "The Hermetic Tarot" by Godfrey Dowson and study guides will be provided. 

Ann George, a professional Tarot Consultant will teach this class which includes a discussion of Cabalistic Creation theory, Hermetic principles as pertains to  the outer and inner meanings of The Magician as well a the fortunate and unfortunate interpretations of the card. 

Class fee is $15 for the two hour salon which will help you come to understand the origin of interpretation. Numerology, Astrology and the Ethic of the right use of Taro will be addressed. Cash is accepted at this time. 

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