But You’re Not Reading Cards! • Clairvoyant Tarot Readings Are Not Card by Card Events

From time to time new clients, in particular those who have not read my site or blogs, often expect a “card by card” reading. This style is popular, very easy to do, and may not require any psychic ability at all. 

There are many fine “entertainment readers” who book out for parties and corporate events that offer this style of reading. I do not. 

I am a clairvoyant person, there is nothing to be done about that. I am able to see and know all kinds of things about the world around me. 

I have always seen spirits, felt the presence of many kinds of spiritual beings, energies, sacred spaces, power spots and all manner of paranormal events. When I use cards in a reading, I use them in three ways. 

First, the Tarot is my key to the Akashic record.

When you have asked your question, I will ask you to think about all the things you might otherwise want to tell me about the matter. 

If you are able to relax and remember, or “see” the person, place, situation you want to know more about, I can go with you, see with you in the Akashic. 

I do not do the traditional 10 card spread. I will not say, “Oh, I see you have the Queen of Cups as your dominant card. This means that you have been a kind, loving and generous woman in the matter.” All that may be true for your question, or not. 

I made an agreement with the Divine Unfolding decades ago that I would perfect my seeing if I would be allowed a normal life as well. I need to be able to stop knowing. Tarot makes that possible. 

I value this book of wisdom more that I can say as it allows me to be of service. Tarot allows me to use the gift of second sight for the benefit of my clients, and to have a life of my own. 

Second, the Tarot is your tool to call down your Highest Self. Your own Divine Awareness is invited to participate as is your own intuition to be present and expressive during the session. 

Some people just cannot or will not visualize the circumstances that affect their question and I am not at all the best reader for them. I do not need to hear you tell me, I need you to show me by thinking about the back story.

When you relax and visualize, the Tarot, which I have in my hands and am constantly shuffling, responds to your thoughts in a very powerful way. 

It is as if I open the Akashic, and you show me where to look for your answer while the Tarot also listens and responds to the frequency of your thoughts in a very powerful and accurate way that cannot be explained.

Third, I use a 16 card spread and read the Tarot as a landscape. The Tarot must be interpreted in relationship to itself. All the cards together tell the greater answer. 

If we stop and realize the 22 Major Arcana are all paths on the Tree of Life, each a representation of one of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and each has a minimum of 10 possible interpretations depending on their relationship with other cards, then a well train reader will see each card as far more than the minimalist explanation from a book. 

The 36 Minor Arcana each represents 10 degrees of one house in the sphere of the Zodiac. The wonder of the astrology of each of these cards affects the spread. Planets and signs as well as elements all determine the answer to your questions.

The Aces, each one an element, each a potential will show opportunity, but free will allows you to choose that path or not.  

The Court Cards may be interpreted so many ways I cannot stop and tell you what this cards means in a session. I do read Tarot. I have studied twenty years to come to the deepest understandings of the possible meanings of each card.  I have a relationship with Tarot. Together, we are the seer.

If you need a card by card reading, I am not sure I can help you. I am now able to see far more than I could long years ago, but I assure you, I consult the Tarot and rely on it as a validation for all clairvoyant knowledge I receive about your question. 

This is a sacred act for me. My approach to every client may be different, but my devotion to your well being is a constant. 

If you would like a reading with me, you may call my studio at 904-993-7466. You may also visit my website, http://anngeorge.com for more information. Payment buttons may be found on the Tarot pages for those who are browsing by phone. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 2017

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