What does that Tarot card mean? A deeper look at readings.

Some readers use a traditional 10 card spread, often called the Celtic Cross.  In a 10 card spread the reader will often turn and place the card on the table. Many readers will tell you what that card means before revealing another. 

When the next card is turned, the reader will then tell you the meaning of that card, in the new positon as it applies to your question. The Reading unfolds card by card until all ten are put down to reveal your answer. 

I do not do card by card readings, but use a “landscape spread” of 16 cards.  As I was born clairvoyant, the Tarot is my key to the Akashic Records.  As well I find it is a vibrant tapestry, rather like a table cloth we lay down to  present your answer.  I use the Tarot as another set of eyes that often clarifies and also validates my seeing. 

When we really look closely at the Tarot, an ancient book of wisdom, we find treasury of hidden knowledge that may originate in Chaldean times. Some say the Tarot is filled with references to the mysteries of Egyptian mystic knowledge and has been colored and expanded through the Renaissance until the early 1920s with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. 

Save for the Aces and Court Cards, each Tarot card has a minimum of 10 possible interpretations, and the qualifying cards that surround each of the three in a spread will determine what meanings are possible for you. 

Although there is often a keyword printed at the bottom of the Major Arcana, it is important to realize that the Arcana either mark a path on the Tree of Life or that Tarot may be the full embodiment of one of the four elements of the natural world. 

The numeric cards are each a slice of the sphere of the Zodiac, as well as a reference to one of the sphere on the Tree of Life. Each Minor Arcana reveals a planet in a sign and can reveal so many influences and energies that affect your question. 

As we are co-creating the reading, and both agree to relax - you to visualize the important elements of your questions, and I to find the answer in your slice of the Akashic, to stop to decode one Tarot is not really helpful. 

Perhaps at the end of the answer to your questions if a particular Tarot is troubling you, perhaps the “Death card” or the Tarot of the Devil appeared and this concerns you. I always tell my clients to let me read the cards. 

Death is the Trump of Scorpio and the sign of Capricorn is embodied in the Tarot of the Devil. The significance of the card will be tempered by our own birth sign. If you are born under the sign of Capricorn and the Devil card is revealed the interpretation for you will be much different for you than someone born under a Fire sign. 

The beauty of the 16 card spread is that it allows of a full answer to your questions. As always I must tell you the truthful answer to any question you ask. We must know the ground we stand on to move forward. 

I do not give advice, although sometimes in telling the answer it may seem so. I cannot tell you what you "should" do. I can show you the outcome of choices you want to make, relationships you want to keep or end, and you may then decide what you want to do. 

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Ann George 

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Will My Loved One Be Ok? Seeking Psychic Insights for Friends & Family.

Many times clients come for a reading because they are very concerned about a family member. The pressing question is “Will my child will be ok?” or perhaps, “I just want to know how my sister is doing.” 

These are important and loving questions, but they are very hard to answer as asked. The best way to get the most information about a loved on is to phrase the question in a way that includes you in the asking. 

If you ask, “Show me the best way to parent my child at this time.” I will be able to find answers to that question. 

If you ask, “Show me the best way to support my sister at this time.” I will be able to find answers to that question. 

We all face hard times, difficulties that we must walk through, and walking through with the loving support of a family member or friend is far easier for most of us that walking alone. 

When you come to the reading with the desire to help someone, the doors of the Akashic Record are very easy to open.  When you are able to visualize your loved one, and when you think objectively about the troubles they are facing this is a great help. If you can also think of what you would like to see happen to protect them, then you light the path to the answer. 

Your participation through remembering, or visualizing the circumstance facing your loved one is very important. 

If you relax and allow me, I will be able to see with you. As an empath, it is very easy for me to see the feelings in the facial expressions of the loved on you are imagining. 

If you are able to hear your persons voice, their laugh or to see the sadness in their eyes, I will know so much more about what is happening than if you try to use words to tell me the story of what is worrying you. 

Sharing memories, feelings, and concerns silently not only saves time, but allows us to connect together to find the answer. Readings are co-created. 

I need you to participate with me, and if you choose to do so, we can have very accurate answers that are helpful to all. One truth I must share now is this: Sometimes people do not want to be well. 

Sometimes loved ones do not want to be helped or they are not able to accept help just yet. Our loved ones maybe engaged in self-destructive patterns they cannot break.

Sometimes there are steps you can take to help your loved one and one of those is to take care of yourself as an example. 

If we are in good health, happy, having an open mind and loving heart we are more likely to be able to help than if we are enmeshed in worry, fear or anxiety. 

A loving heart and open arms may not always be appreciated right away, but I assure you, love is always remembered. 

In a reading, it is always my responsibility is to tell you the truthful answer to any question you ask. This can be difficult to tell and hard to hear. 

I have learned how to tell hard truths gently. If you know where you stand, and know what is needed, you are in the most powerful position to help. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.  

Ann George

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Walk In Tarot Readings October 30th, 2017 in Jacksonville Florida

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You may choose the 15 minute reading ($40) or the half hour session ($70).Cash, debit and credit are all accepted.

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Show Me the Outcome of Continuing  •  A Question That Reveals the Future

I realize that I need to offer a more complete explanation of one of the best ways to use a question suggested on my website.

I have suggested, particularly for love readings that the best way to see the future of that relationship is to say “Show me the outcome of continuing my relationship with__________.”

I have suggested that asking “Does he/she love me?”, “Is he/she cheating?”, “Is he/she the best one for me? are all questions that will not yield a solid answer. There are two reasons for this.

The first reason a “Does he/she” question is not really helpful is that it requires your reader to make value judgments for you. 

For example: Your parter, let’s call her Alice, may truly believe that she loves you, Romeo. However, the love Alice expresses may not feel like love to you, Romeo, at all!

You may feel insecure, controlled, teased, played, unsettled or manipulated even though Alice keeps reassuring you that she loves you.

It is far better to see the outcome of continuing to date Alice, the best way to heal your relationship with Alice or the outcome of letting Alice go. These questions take a long view of what is happening and will give you the greatest insight. 

I will be able to clearly see what will happen in your future regardless of which question you ask because the answer depends on your decision, your action, and your are therefore involved. 

Even great couples can go through difficult times. Hard times don’t mean all must come to an end, they mean someone has to be more flexible, someone must practice patience or understanding to keep the couple together. 
A second point I should make clear it this: If you ask to see the outcome (future) of a decision, then the reading will show you the future. 

Sometimes clients will comment, “But that is not happening now.”, or “She is being very kind now.” or “He is very generous and thoughtful to me now.” 

I am always glad to hear that people are happy in their relationships. People do sometimes call to validate that they have found their best partner. 

More often, people are concerned about their relationship, something feels “off” but they are not quite sure what that is. 

It does happen that while looking to see the outcome of continuing your relationship that I will see that there has been a very loving history, and that there was a time when both people seemed to be a good match. 

As time passes, as people see each other more clearly and are faced with difficulties in their relationship, they realize there is not enough in common for the couple to stay together. This is usually when people call to see the outcome of continuing the relationship. 

If you want to see the best way to build a strong relationship with a new someone, the empowered question would be “Show me the best way to build a happy relationship with _______ if possible.” 

For questions like this one, I will need you to concentrate on events in the present tense because it is from the now that the future unfolds. 

I hope this has provided a bit of clarity. As always, if at any point in time during a reading you feel as if I have lost you, I am not clear, or we are not on the same page let me know. 

It is better for me to stop answering a question I didn’t clearly understand. The purpose of having a reading is to get clarity, insight and direction. I trust you to tell me when I have lost the thread. 

Another point in closing - the future is always in flux, it is always changing. If you had a reading about a relationship three months ago and received an answer, and you call today and receive a very different answer, this is usually because people grow and evolve together in a relationship, so the relationship answer will be different. 

Sometimes people grow apart as well. Sometimes three months is just enough time for a couple to realize they are not the best match. This doesn’t mean that either person is not a find human being, rather that the two people have learned enough about each other to realize another partner would be better.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to consult the Tarot with me by phone, please call 904-993-7466 to schedule your appointment. 

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Thank you for your attention to my post. 

Ann George

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But You’re Not Reading Cards! • Clairvoyant Tarot Readings Are Not Card by Card Events

From time to time new clients, in particular those who have not read my site or blogs, often expect a “card by card” reading. This style is popular, very easy to do, and may not require any psychic ability at all. 

There are many fine “entertainment readers” who book out for parties and corporate events that offer this style of reading. I do not. 

I am a clairvoyant person, there is nothing to be done about that. I am able to see and know all kinds of things about the world around me. 

I have always seen spirits, felt the presence of many kinds of spiritual beings, energies, sacred spaces, power spots and all manner of paranormal events. When I use cards in a reading, I use them in three ways. 

First, the Tarot is my key to the Akashic record.
When you have asked your question, I will ask you to think about all the things you might otherwise want to tell me about the matter. 

If you are able to relax and remember, or “see” the person, place, situation you want to know more about, I can go with you, see with you in the Akashic. 

I do not do the traditional 10 card spread. I will not say, “Oh, I see you have the Queen of Cups as your dominant card. This means that you have been a kind, loving and generous woman in the matter.” All that may be true for your question, or not. 

I made an agreement with the Divine Unfolding decades ago that I would perfect my seeing if I would be allowed a normal life as well. I need to be able to stop knowing. Tarot makes that possible. 

I value this book of wisdom more that I can say as it allows me to be of service. Tarot allows me to use the gift of second sight for the benefit of my clients, and to have a life of my own. 

Second, the Tarot is your tool to call down your Highest Self. Your own Divine Awareness is invited to participate as is your own intuition to be present and expressive during the session. 

Some people just cannot or will not visualize the circumstances that affect their question and I am not at all the best reader for them. I do not need to hear you tell me, I need you to show me by thinking about the back story.

When you relax and visualize, the Tarot, which I have in my hands and am constantly shuffling, responds to your thoughts in a very powerful way. 

It is as if I open the Akashic, and you show me where to look for your answer while the Tarot also listens and responds to the frequency of your thoughts in a very powerful and accurate way that cannot be explained.

Third, I use a 16 card spread and read the Tarot as a landscape. The Tarot must be interpreted in relationship to itself. All the cards together tell the greater answer. 

If we stop and realize the 22 Major Arcana are all paths on the Tree of Life, each a representation of one of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and each has a minimum of 10 possible interpretations depending on their relationship with other cards, then a well train reader will see each card as far more than the minimalist explanation from a book. 

The 36 Minor Arcana each represents 10 degrees of one house in the sphere of the Zodiac. The wonder of the astrology of each of these cards affects the spread. Planets and signs as well as elements all determine the answer to your questions.

The Aces, each one an element, each a potential will show opportunity, but free will allows you to choose that path or not.  

The Court Cards may be interpreted so many ways I cannot stop and tell you what this cards means in a session. I do read Tarot. I have studied twenty years to come to the deepest understandings of the possible meanings of each card.  I have a relationship with Tarot. Together, we are the seer.

If you need a card by card reading, I am not sure I can help you. I am now able to see far more than I could long years ago, but I assure you, I consult the Tarot and rely on it as a validation for all clairvoyant knowledge I receive about your question. 

This is a sacred act for me. My approach to every client may be different, but my devotion to your well being is a constant. 

If you would like a reading with me, you may call my studio at 904-993-7466. You may also visit my website, http://anngeorge.com for more information. Payment buttons may be found on the Tarot pages for those who are browsing by phone. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

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Where is my Soul Mate? Psychic Readings for Love

Those who consult readers of any kind realize that we are not all the same. Each ethical reader comes to your session from their own unique perspective and background. We all do not have the same gifts. 

I cannot find lost objects, people nor pets and yet some psychics excel at this. I can see past lives, the present and the co-created future. I am very clear about this when speaking to new clients and have published many blogs as well as tips on my website (which is in update mode now) about asking psychic questions. 

I am also able to serve as a medium when this service is necessary. I do prefer that you come for an in person reading if possible to connect with loved ones who have passed, however I can offer medium services by phone. 

Recently a new client was very disappointed that I did not find the question “Where is my soul mate?” an easy one to answer.  She was upset that I asked her to rephrase the question so that I could provide an accurate answer. I did not make that request to be unkind, rather to help her find what she was really seeking. 

First, a soul mate may or may not be a lover. People we have known in previous lives cross our paths all throughout our lives. Sometimes we recognize them as they pass, they seem familiar or comfortable to us. These past life returns may become best friends, or they may just be that wonderful stranger next to us in line. 

A “past life return” is a far better term to describe a person we have known from different lives. I have a friend who is happily married to a friend of mine who once described me as his “soulmate”.  We are of a kind. We are hold similar world views, are on similar spiritual paths, have a deep understanding of the “way of things” that can’t be verbalized, but recognized. We are not now, nor shall we become lovers. 

If you are looking for love, it is important that you are clear with me. We all want different kinds of loving relationships. Some people do want a spouse who will live with them and share life on a daily basis.  Other people want a life companion without any legal or religious ceremony at all. Some want to love, but keep separate homes while others want a lover, a friend with benefits, for the now.

If you are able to ask me to find the kind of partner you seek, we are off to a good start. If you want me to look for your “soul mate” it is important that you realize that your “soul mate” may have been born and died without ever meeting you. 

The concept of a soul mate or “twin flame” is relatively new. The idea that there is one perfect person is altogether unreasonable. Last century we realized we were lucky if we found a life partner to love and cherish.  

It is a blessing to find someone who will freely accept our love and return sweet love in kind. Often we know what we want to receive, but may not be in touch with what we want to give. It is very important to know what we are willing to share. 

A “soul mate” experience is most often the reunion we have with a lover, husband or wife from a previous incarnation. When we meet that person again in this life there are very specific signs that we are having that reunion. Some of those signs are:

  • We are breathless! 
  • The presence of the other is so overwhelming we stop in our tracks. 
  • We feel an immediate emotional connection.
  • We may feel as if we have known that person all our lives. 
  • There is often a profound and immediate sexual/chemical attraction.
  • We feel compelled to tell them everything about ourselves.
  • We can’t wait to see them again.  
  • We are willing to put our lives on hold to see what will happen next. 

In Western culture in particular we are not given a past life frame of reference for these kinds of experiences, therefore we think that the powerful impact we are experiencing is happening because we are meeting a true love or a soul mate. 

Sadly this is often not the case. However, not knowing that we are recognizing our energetic immortality, we rush forward to pair bond with our new found person. Once the impact of the reunion wears off, we then must get to know our lover in the present tense.  

Many times the lover is not at all who he or she once was and so the glamour of the memory of the meeting, the karma that brought two people together again, may soon be exhausted. Once the past life energy is gone, the relationship has nothing to hold it together. 

If you are asking me to find your soul mate in a psychic reading, please allow me to ask you to visualize a little bit more about what you are really hoping for.s

I am able to see the future, however I need you to provide me a view of the ground of expectations you bring to the question. Everyone is different. We all want different kinds of love relationships. 

It is not my job to tell you what you should do. I am not willing to give advice and I do not make “predictions”. My responsibility is to provide you an honest answer to your question, regardless. Of course I hope all answer comfortable, sometimes they are not. 

You have the power to change your life. You have the ability to work to manifest the kind of relationship you seek. I can help you find what you are seeking, but we must work together.

I hope you find this post helpful. 


Ann George

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A Note To New Clients • Psychic Readings by Ann George

After working 20 years as a professional Tarot consultant and medium, there are some questions that are always uncomfortable for me. 

One of those is “Is my partner cheating on me.” 

If you do indeed want hard evidence that your partner is actually having a physical, sexual affair there are still private detectives who will trail your husband, wife or lover and provide you hard evidence that yes there is cheating. 

In the same way medical questions are best handled by a doctor. I am happy to look and see if you have chosen the best doctor for your needs, I am happy to find the best way for you to prepare for an operation, but it is not ethical for me to “see” medical issues and to be the final answer when it comes to your health. 

If we have been working together for years and prior questions such as “Show me the best way to live a long, healthy life.” have been asked and answered, then you may have chosen to see a doctor for troubles I see that may affect your future. This is a good use of reading for health, to look forward to see the best way to take good care of yourself. 

Questions with life changing answers are important, and they do matter, and I do want to help you. If you are concerned about your relationship, and want a reading on it, then let us go about that in a way that focuses on you, your choices and your life. 

Can I see if your partner is now or may in the future unfaithful. Yes, I usually can. However I also know that there is physical infidelity as well as emotional or spiritual infidelity. 

How do I get to see the actions of your partner? I get there by looking to see the outcome of you continuing your relationship with _____________ and then you tell me your partners full name. 

I recently had a client who didn’t want to tell me the name of their partner. I should have stopped the session right there, and kindly suggested that perhaps I was not the best reader for him/her. 

I am a professional person. My client list is confidential. The answers revealed in a session are confidential. I am going to do more that one reading in a day and more throughout the week. I do not remember the answers to questions, and I certainly do not use any information revealed for illegal purposes.  

If you are not willing or able to work with me by visualizing or “showing me” the life issue we are working on, or to put forth a direct and honest question, then I can’t give you an accurate reading. 

There are different readers for different people and I am not the best choice for everyone. If we do not make a good connection, I am willing to stop the session as soon as we discover we are not a match, and wish you the best as you seek a reader who will meet your needs. 

I have found that taking clients on a brief guided meditation about their question/problem helps them focus and makes it much easier for me to “see” the answer to the question. I do not need you to tell me the back story. Recently a new client complained about this part of my process in an online review.

I am not quite sure what sure why. A clear question gives a clear answer. 

In the 20 years I have been reading there have been times when the expectations of the seeker are not my ethic. This happens in all professions.

Every hairdresser, every barber, every doctor or dentist is not the best for every person. Does it make that professional a fake, a fraud or cheat? No. It means they are not the best choice for you. 

Sadly, in my profession, failing to live up to the expectations of a client does indeed result in name calling like this.  I have some posts on social media that allege that I will “steal your money”.  

Others reviews (some that must be posted by competitors) present me as a fake, having no psychic ability and again as a thief.  There is nothing to be done about it. People are allowed to react as they do. 

I am always surprised to read these reviews. For live sessions, clients pay after the reading is over. If you are not comfortable, or feel we are not connecting, please just say so. We can stop and part with good feelings. You keep your money and I don’t invest any time in providing you a service that is not what you expected. 

Please know that I have been blogging about readings for many, many years. I refer clients to my blog or site before they come to see or call me. I want people to know who I am and how I read before they sit down. This is best for everyone.

I am posting this now to try to address some recent complaints. Some are now on social media and the latest was a very aggressive verbal dressing down by new customer with an expectation set I could not meet as well as a complaint to the manager of the shop where I rent space. 

I realize many people wait to choose to consult at psychic. Sometimes we are seen as the last resort? I know that my responsibility is to take the best care of my clients as possible, and yet to tell them the truth. Everyone who sits down with me gets that information. 

Everyone who sits down knows that I need them to ask me their question out loud and then to visualize the back story.  This visualization saves time, does not complicate the issue with words….. and allows the client and the Tarot to interact as well. I offer full disclosure before we begin and am offering this note in hopes that new clients will feel comfortable about the way I provide service. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. If you would like to book a phone session, please call the studio at 904-993-7466. If you are in Jacksonville, Florida, you are welcome to walk in to Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, 32204 and find room #101 on Monday & Thursdays between 12:30 & 5:00 pm. This is an easy way to fit a session into your day. No appointment is needed on those days. 

I offer 15 minute readings for $40 and half hour sessions for $70. Needless to say the question matters for me. Here is an article: "Help Me Ask My Questions" written to help you get the greatest benefit from a reading. 

I offer readings by phone Sunday through Friday, and in special circumstances on a Saturday. All phone sessions must be scheduled in advance. I look forward to being of service. 

Please follow my blog, or follow me on Facebook. If you are a satisfied client, a would welcome your favorable review on Google. 

Peace to all.

Ann George

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