An Open Letter to A Seeker About Hexes & Curses

I am always sorry to have to write letters like this one, but I post a public reply to a seeker who wrote asking for help. I have also provided support and reassurance to other clients who come to me after encountering con artists who prey on the trust of others. 

Here is the letter: 

Dear Ann,

I took an opportunity to write to you hoping that you can help me.

For the past 10 years, it feels to me like wherever I go or whatever I do I go one step forward and three steps back. For the last few years, problems seem to be showering on me. Relationships do not start or work, jobs lost for, what seems, no particular reason, housing situation volatile, etc.

Over the years, I consulted few tarot readers and psychics and they did not tell me that I was hexed or cursed. 

But I also consulted a witch of some kind few times. Each time I saw her, she would tell  me that I am either cursed or hexed. She would ask for my photographs to remove the curses or hexes but when I would return after some time, she would tell me that I was cursed or hexed again. 

The last time I saw her, I was told some things that are unpleasant, to put it mildly.

I would like to hear if you could help me and clarify my situation.  I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your kind consideration.   

Here is my reply:

Dear Seeker, 

Readings are very useful tools to provide clarity, direction and insight. I offer Clairvoyant Tarot readings to provide the most accurate answers to your questions and to gain greatest access to the information you have stored in the Akashic Record. 

When coming to me for a reading, it is important to know that there are those people who will “find” a supernatural cause for your troubles. They will then present a ritual, offer to do “work” and charge a remarkable fee for their services. I am not one of those readers. 

Should someone you hire for a clairvoyant, psychic, or any other kind of  supernatural consultation present you the idea that you are cursed, this is when you should walk away! Simply get up - pay whatever money you owe for the time - and leave.  
There are very few people who actually have enough personal power to place a hex or curse on another person. There are fewer still who can remove a hex if it is indeed placed by a shaman, priest or priestess who practices this kind of malicious deed.

It will always be incredibly unlikely that you are cursed or hexed. In the 20 years I have been consulted as a professional psychic reader, I have encountered only one person suffering the effects of an ancestral curse. 

What is more often true is that you have lost touch with yourself. This is so easy to do in our modern culture! It is very easy to be caught up the the drive of modern life, of going, doing, being, achieving, spending, working, and we seldom find little time to rest and refresh much less reflect and review to see if our values and lifestyle decisions still serve us well. 

Many times it may indeed seem that we are cursed with a run of bad luck, however, the likely cause is either a failure or inability to be able to stop and take stock of our situations, get some clarity, see some options, and make new choices. 

We can become accustomed to failures and losses, we can suffer energetically and be “wounded” on a deep level that changes us. These changes, or energy wounds, often attract similar people, similar employers, similar situations into our lives. 

Often we don’t realize there are solutions, and just keep on doing the best we can - never really getting ahead, or feeling as if we are successful.

A reading can help you “see” yourself and your situation clearly from an objective point of view. The reader - who does not know you, nor anything about you - will be able to see your situation and tell you how your life appears to them.

The very best readings - the best insights and freedoms - are possible when you approach the session with empowered questions.

“Show me the best way to heal my relationship if possible.”
“Show me the best path to success in my current position.”
“Show me the outcome of changing careers at this time.”
“What changes will help me attract loving relationships.”
“How may I best improve my financial situation.” 
“Show me the best path to peace of mind at this time.”

These are just some of the empowered questions that you may ask in a reading. These are questions that help you create the future you want to enjoy.

Of course there are dark days, hard times, but people do find ways to live with and through them. A reading can provide you the guidance  you ask for, the insight you need to change your thoughts, your habits and your actions. 

The changes or answers revealed in a session can help you recreate the future you desire. Of course, you have to put the suggestions in practice or they will be of little use. 

The today we are experiencing now is an out picturing of all we have thought in the past. I am convinced that every action has a consequence. I also believe that “With our thoughts we make the world.” (Buddha)

When we are empowered with insights from a reading, often we are really reuniting our everyday mind with our awakened mind and allowing ourselves to hear our own truth, find our own answers using the reader as a mirror for parts of ourselves, our hopes & dreams that we have lost or forgotten.

I am very happy to read for you. It will be my pleasure to help you find a way move forward through the challenges you face. 

As your letter was so important, and brings up questions asked by many, I thought it best to publish my answer. 

Thank you for writing, and thank you for your patience with late reply. 

Ann George

© 2015


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The Mystic Book Store is Restored

I am very pleased to say that the Book Store on my site is at last updated. I am pleased with the look of the first page, which is a simple index.

I am very pleased that I was able to rebuild and restore the original reading list for books in those topics I feel are critical for every serious student of Tarot.

I have recommended Tarot Decks on one page, books for Hermetic Studies as well as selected title on Quantum Theory!

I hope you enjoy the selection. I took care in suggesting those books that have helped me on my journey. The store is hosted by Amazon.com. I receive a token for each sale - but the purpose is not profit, rather to maintain an ongoing list of titles that are of benefit.

Ever forward!! 


Clairvoyant Tarot - New "In Person" Sessions Available.

Clairvoyant Tarot by Appointment 

I am very pleased to offer additional appointment times for “live” or “in person” readings at Midnight Sun as of Wednesday 11/3/15.  

In Person readings are available from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  For these sessions, an appointment and a deposit are necessary.  

To make your appointment for a private, in person session, please call my office at 904-993-7466. 

To confirm your session, safe and secure online shopping carts enable you to make your deposit in a snap using credit or PayPal as you prefer.* 

Mid-day reading appointments are accepted for half hour sessions only. Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like a mid-day reading and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Thursday will continue to be “Walk in Thursday” and no appointment is required.  Simply walk-in to Midnight Sun between 12:30 & 5:00 to experience the benefits of Clairvoyant Tarot. Fifteen Minute and Half Hour Sessions are available on Thursdays at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.

As always, I suggest that you review my website, allow me to introduce myself and my style of reading, and to check my references. I also encourage you to read the “Help Me Ask My Questions” page for tips on getting the greatest benefit from your appointment. 

*If, due to emergency or natural disaster, I am not able to keep my appointment with you, I will gladly refund your payment.  

**If you are not sure that you can keep your appointment, it is best to wait for "Walk In Thursdays."

(I do not offer refunds for clients who fail to cancel their Mid-Day sessions. 24 hours notice is required to receive a refund of your deposit. Phone readings are a better option if you have a demanding schedule or must face heavy traffic.)


Tarot Podcasts: Explorations of Tarot by Ann George

Pod Casts on Tarot - and other esoteric concerns are now available if you simple click this link. 

I am new to the podcast process, and  record without a script, nonetheless, I present a link to my pod bean page - and a podcast for new clients.

I will continue to record about all matters Tarot. I also hope to have a section for paranormal event questions and answers in the near future.

Thank you kindly,

Ann George


Love Readings - Clairvoyant Tarot for Relationships.

Loving relationships can bring great happiness, joy, comfort and pleasure. When a couple has managed to build a relationship based on mutual respect, trust, honesty and open communication they have one of the greatest blessings this life offers. Clairvoyant Tarot readings do provide clarity, insight and direction during all phases of a loving relationship. 

Clearly the best time to consult a gifted reader is before you fully commit to a loving  relationship. If you have been dating and feel as if you have a good idea of who you are seeing, have had conversations about mutual goals and hopes for the future, then this is the best time to consult a reader to see the outcome of continuing your relationship. If the outcome is favorable, most people choose to continue. If the outcome is not favorable, many will choose to move on, or to ask a second question to see if the relationship can be improved. 

Some people consult after a few dates as they have very strong feelings toward the person they are seeing. This is also fine. It is best if you have met and talked with your significant other before you call for a session. This enables the clairvoyant to “read’  the nature of your love interest based on your own experience. In other words - the reader can “see” through your eyes. 

I should mention here that my responsibility is to tell you the truthful answer to any question you ask, no matter what. So, should you be deeply attracted to someone who is not revealed as a good match, I will share with you the problems I see for the future. I will not tell you what to do. 

Often people will call to schedule a session when their relationship begins to falter. This is always a good idea. Often a couple has become overwhelmed by life changes, things are not working out as expected, you may feel emotionally abandoned by your partner, you may find you have lost trust or feel abused. 

It is very important to come to a session in which you hope to get some insight into the nature of your relationship with empowered questions. Here are a few examples that many find helpful:

  • Show me the outcome of continuing my relationship with __________________.
  • Show me the best way to heal my relationship with ___________________ if possible. 
  • Show me the outcome of separating from my partner. 
  • Show me the meaning and purpose of my relationship with __________________.

It is important to provide your reader the full name of your partner. This information, as well as your clear visualizations of the person, their behaviors, your feelings about them, enable me to be provide you the most accurate answer.

Once you have asked the first question - I strongly prefer that you do not tell me anything else. Please do not tell me why you are here, what he or she has just done, how you met…. nor any other details.

After you ask the question, I will ask you to relax and to “show me” your partner. In my experience, most people can easily see their loved one in their minds eye. If a fight has occurred, then you can see or remember your partners words, expression, and tone of voice. This remembering is far more useful for me, as you are allowing me to look with you, to see the experience with you, and in allowing that, we open the doors of the time space continuum, and so can see the past experience of your relationship, recent events and therefore the future based on the present circumstances. 

I have found that telling takes quite a while, and remembering only a moment. Further, by sharing your thoughts with me, I am able to see far more than words can ever describe. Words are easy to misunderstand….. the expression on someones face however, is clear. 

The reading will now involve me asking you to “show me” various moments in your relationship, a few questions perhaps about what you really do want, and I will invite you to share anything else you feel is important for me to understand about your partner before we see the answer. 

When you feel as if you have shown me everything I need to know, we will then see the outcome or answer to your question. 

I read relationships this way for 20 years now. To date, this method has enabled me to provide the greatest clarity for my clients. 

I will mention here that often, clients will want to know:

  • Does my partner love me?
  • Did my partner ever love me? 
  • Does my partner understand what they have done? 
  • Will my partner change? 

Please allow me to point out what may be obvious to the casual reader, and hard to accept to those in emotional pain - each person defines love differently. Some people really do believe  they love you, and through their filters this may be true.

However, no matter how sure someone is that they do love you, the kind of love they have to offer may not be the kind of love you need. The reverse is also true.

I will continue to blog about readings for loving relationships, and begin to offer podcasts on the topic in the future. I hope you find this post helpful.

Ann George


Reading the Now

I am almost always asked to do readings to see the future. I also offer past life reading and mediumship work as is necessary for the emotional well being of my clients. 

I am a question specific reader, and do not “throw the cards” or “read the cards” in the sense that I rely on the Tarot exclusively for seeing. Rather, the Tarot is my validator, the second opinion and witness that empowers me to rest assured that what I “see” is accurate.  My responsibility is to tell you the truthful answer to any questions you ask.

In recent times, more clients are coming for an assessment of the present. Their concerns are best expressed as:

“What is going on?“
“Why do I feel this way?”
“Am I on the right path” 
“What is my life’s purpose.”

These kinds of questions, arising more and more often, confirm that we are indeed in a strange and stressful time. The world we inhabit is rapidly changing and forces both obvious and subtle are changing our lives.
A reading can help provide or restore “sure footing” by helping us have clarity on what we are doing and the why of our doing it. A reading can help us better understand our choices. The principles for reading the Now are much the same as for reading or “seeing” the future. 

I will always require your question, as that question gives me your permission to look. I will always need you to relax and “show me” or visualize the circumstances that are causing you confusion, despair, anxiety or any other emotion you wish to resolve. I really do not require much more spoken information than your question.

I feel the best readings are those in which we work together. When we agree to open the doors of time, then I am able to see far more clearly and more accurately than if you come to the session in a passive state. 

When seeing the answer to your specific question, the Tarot may sometimes “insist” that you address an issue which you may find difficult to face; or to acknowledge truths you know in your heart of hearts that  may not yet have reached your conscious mind. I have learned to ask clients how deeply they wish to look into these kinds of difficult matters, and then to proceed gently.

Thus, asking a present time question is the best way to be sure that you “see” what you need to see, to feel validated, and to move forward with confidence.  Examples of a present time question would be:

“Show me why I feel so __________ at work.” (the key is to set an area to explore.)
“Show me why I no longer enjoy my social life.” 
“Show me how to feel better about my appearance.” 

These are only sketches of the format for asking. I will answer any question you ask. 
When trying to sort out how to begin to see the now from a place of pain, confusion, fear or depression it my be helpful to know that there are four primary elements of seeing: 

The Fire Path - this is the path of Right Work, of Spirituality, of Purpose and often manifests as a career problem.
The Air Path - this is the life path that Tarot uses to address Social Relationships, the World of Mind, of Language and Learning,  and the world of Music and the Arts.

The Earth Path - which is the life area where concerns for Home, Wealth, Property, and the Physical Body dominate.

The Water Path - often the path of Love, of Healing, of Creation and sometimes of Destruction.

When you come for clarity on the present, perhaps on the circumstances of an emotional/sexual relationship - then the Question might best be;

“Show me what I need to see about my relationship with _______ at present” 
“Show me the best way to be a supportive partner to my  _______ at present”

It is the act of asking for direction in a life area (or element) that makes reading the present most accurate. 

However, if you ask without a qualifying question, then the answer is the answer and I am powerless to do other than tell you what I see.  Without a qualifying question that seeks direction, I may simply tell you that which you already know.   

If you simply were to sit down and say “Show me what is going on.” with no other qualifier, then a second concert is that I might see what you do not want to discuss. I might see repressed issues you have not faced. I might see defects of character that are keeping you from your happiness, or gossips in the workplace whose petty chatter is simply that. 

This passive approach of sitting at the table and asking me to show you whatever arises is not one I prefer. In all these years reading for the public, I seek first to do no harm, and must give a truthful answer. 

I publish this article now so that those who are seeking a reader who is willing to just look and see will choose someone who specializes in that reading style. It can be amazing! It can an awakening! I am not suggesting that this style of reading is in any way not useful.  Just that I am not very good at it for the reasons listed above. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

Clairvoyant Tarot Consultant
(904) 993-7466


Mediumship Readings - A Podcast by Ann George

I hope you will find this short podcast in reply to a client seeking a Mediumship session helpful.

In general, I suggest you order the half hour session for this kind of work. As well, if you are able, you may find it very comforting to work "live" or "in person."

If this is not possible, phone readings are as effective, however, I am not able to provide you with a tissue, or a warm smile, hug, or simple physical presence. Please feel welcome to contact me to schedule a session.

With kind regards,

Ann George


Clairvoyant Tarot: Notes for new clients seeking readings.

I recently had a client come for a reading. She had not read my website, and was not aware that I am not a “fortune teller.”  I am a clairvoyant person who uses Tarot to ensure that I provide you the most accurate answers possible to any question you may ask - no matter what. 

This client wanted what some call a “General Reading” which is a service I do not offer.  I do not believe we are “fated.” I do not believe are powerless, nor that we are destined to have a certain fate, or that at a certain point in time this must happen or that person will appear. 

I do believe in casualty. I do believe that the future is a consequence of past thoughts, words and deeds. I also believe that our present values, our everyday self talk,  as well as the hopes and plans we make for our future bring our future into being.

The world is far to vast and mysterious for me to “predict’ its unfolding. This is a world that is constantly coming, and therefore, a magical and rich interactive playground of illusory phenomena. It is of course possible to see the outcome of choices, the meaning of events and experiences, the best way from darkness to the light. It is possible to see the future as well as the past. However, we have all existed since beginnings time!

To be of service to you, it is most helpful is you share with the the life area you wish to explore, in other words, to provide me with a question, a starting point.  My vocation is to help you find the answers to your questions.

If any client comes to a reading with a rigid world view and a closed mind, it will be very difficult for me to “see” as clearly as is possible. If you want to stand with me and throw open the doors of perception, then we can see clearly.  I believe we are the creators of our present and most certainly our futures.

If you want  a reading, it is best not to wander in to have the “experience” or to “see what the future holds”. Seeing the future happens when the seeker participates with me as we look for the best way to bring forth happiness, For a reading to be of greatest benefit, the seeker must be willing to consider compromise, to be willing to step outside their comfort zone just a bit, for if love, or wealth eludes them, then there may well be something the can change to create a new path to success and a happier life. You might enjoy this article on asking a psychic questions.

As all services are confidential, as well, in general I do not remember the particulars of any reading, I am not able to go into great detail about reading experience for the particular client who came with expectations I could not meet. I always try to do my very best to ensure my clients receive answers to all their questions, however if a client does not bring a question, nor a desired outcome, it is very difficult for me to see their future.

I am sure my client was frustrated as I was not able to provide her the kind of service she was used to having, and it was quite clear that I was not the right reader for her. I therefore was not willing to charge her for a service I could not provide. This is not to say that I am not able to work as an accurate clairvoyant. I have been serving the pubic for over 20 years now. However it is also true that I work with clients and not on them.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you come for a reading without the willingness to participate, to be open to seeing the future, then, it is difficult to seize the moment.

I feel that if we are not willing to look at our minds, our internal dialogue, and are not willing to open to let a reader see what enlivens us, what holds us back, our dreams, fears, hopes, failures, then we are not allowing that reader to look as far as possible for answers to questions that will bring us peace, or happiness or love. 

I am sure that the best readings are co-created. That we open the doors of the Akashic record together, and stand looking at all that is possible based on an empowered question.

If the question is “Will I get married?” there really isn’t much a reader can do. That is a free will question, and the seeker will choose to marry or not. A reader might find three fine life partners for a client, but it is the client who will choose in the end. Although I “see” and Tarot confirms that the three choices are fine, in the end, it is up to each client to make that decision. That is a “free will” question, and the seeker will know what he or she prefers. 

Many times people self-sabotage for reasons they can’t see, and turn from good love to troubled love. The empowered question would be “Show me how to attract  a healthy relationship.” or “Show me why I keep attracting partners that do not treat me kindly.”

If we are really willing to take responsibility for building the life we want to the best of our ability, a reading - Tarot or otherwise - can empower us to see ourselves and our lives differently. A good reading can help us make new choices or find new doors to open.
In my style of reading, the “question specific style” I need you to ask me what you want to know, to tell me what you want to see, and then as the process continues, I need you to “show me” through the process of visualization (not spoken word) those things that are relevant to finding the answer to your question.

If you are willing to “show me” or “think to me”all that is relevant to finding the answer to your question, then together, we can do just that.

However, I am not going to spread cards on the table and make predictions. I have far greater respect for your personal power than to do that. If you want to as a “general” question, then am able to be of service.

You are the creator of your future! My purpose is to help you find the very best way to get where you want to be.

If you would like more information on the process of asking questions, please visit this link: 

or if you prefer, please call the office to make an appointment. I really do prefer that you have a good experience, get your questions answered and your needs met. 


Ann George will not be available for Walk-In Thursday on April 23, 2015

Due to a stroke of great good fortune, I have the opportunity to have instruction and blessing from a most revered teacher. I will therefore not be available for Walk-In Wednesday at Midnight Sun this week. I will return to my regular reading schedule next week. 

It is likely that the Practical Mysticism Workshop scheduled in general for the last Saturday of the Month will be cancelled as well.  Please watch for a day change for that series. 

Kind regards, 

Ann George


Practical Mysticism Workshop - 2nd Class Saturday 2/29/15

All are welcome to join the second in a series of workshops that will feature a discussion on the benefits of understanding the basic personality traits of each sign of the Zodiac so that we may celebrate and understand how each of us brings different gifts to the table of life. 

Please bring your insights and experiences to the conversation. Class/Workshop will be offered from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM at Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204. Cost is $20 per person. (Debit, Credit and Cash all accepted.) 

This month the workshop will continue to explore such topics as:
1) Signs of the Zodiac and how they may best used in advising every day decisions
2) Signs & Omens
3) Paranormal Events
4) Empowering Rituals - simple, elegant ways you can make everyday acts sacred.
5) Opening to your Inner Mystic 
6) Action on the Mystic Path 
7) The Internal Dialogue

This second workshop will focus, in part on the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus. Topics for discussion will also include the metaphysics of attraction as well as the impact of internal dialogue on the external world.

Exploring the mystic in all paths possible for over 43 years, Ann George is very well researched and a welcoming and articulate speaker. Her intent, to help you return to your own “mother beat” of awareness that awakens your inner self to the outer divine.


Practical Mysticism Workshops Begin - First Class Saturday 1/31/15.

Join Ann George - a practicing mystic and natural clairvoyant - for an esoteric workshop series designed to help you rediscover the mystic in the mundane. 

Ms. George will be offering a series of 12 classes. Each class will be offered on the last Saturday of every month from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM at Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is located at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204. It is served by the #15 and the #5 bus routes. Each class is $20 per person. Cash please, however debit and credit cards are accepted ($22 per class.) 

Each workshop will explore such topics as:

1) The relevance of the Signs of the Zodiac and how they may best used in advising every day decisions;
2) Signs, Omens, and Totem Animals - how to “see” them in the everyday;
3) Paranormal Events of All Kinds ( please bring your questions);
4) Empowering Rituals - simple, elegant ways you can make simple acts sacred;
5) Opening to your Inner Mystic;
6) Action on the Mystic Path;
7) The Internal Dialogue;

Exploring the mystic in all paths possible for over 43 years, Ann George is very well researched and a welcoming and articulate speaker. Her intent, to help you return to your own “mother beat” of awareness that awakens the inner self to the inner divine. This first class we will begin with a study of the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries.

This class will not focus on Tarot in particular, rather, the mystic awareness necessary to develop a relationship with an oracle ( Tarot, Runes, Bones, Crystals & Stones  or what ever you are called to read.)


"A true psychic does not have to use cards to read you." and other odd statements found on line.

I was doing a search to see what was new on the web, and I found a very helpful article published some five years ago. The article could have been excerpted from my site as much of what was published mirrors my values - almost verbatim.

However, I am always saddened by the kind of exclusive statement found in the article which read:
"A true psychic does not have to use cards to read you, but will connect with, and read your energy vibrations, and a true medium will connect with energy vibrations of spirit."

As a Clairvoyant person - or if we must use the word "psychic" person - I am able to read my clients without Tarot. However, I find no benefit what so ever in denying my clients access to the most accurate reading possible. 

Tarot ensures that this will occur. Why? Because it is a vibrational double check. Tarot is responsive to the "vibrations" of the seeker, and thus clarifies or brings forward inner thoughts and feelings, insights and concerns the clients has but may not be able to voice.

As well, as a vibrational tool, Tarot allows the client to set emotional or psycho/spiritual boundaries for the reading, ensuring that I am able to answer the questions presented without wandering into areas a client may not prefer to discuss or address during a particular session. 

I read the Akashic Record. I do not read your vibrations, energetic or otherwise. People come to me to see the future, to see the outcome of choices, the best way to achieve a goal, the future of a relationship. 

Their past actions, current thoughts and feelings co-create the future, and if changed, those same thoughts and actions can bring about a new future. This is the best reason to consult a seer - (clairvoyant, or psychic, or Tarot consultant) - to co-create the future you prefer, and to avoid unnecessary suffering whenever possible. 

As for me... I trust Tarot. It is an amazingly accurate book of mirrors in the right hands. I would rather a Tarot reading from a gifted psychic that a psychic reading without Tarot. Therefore, I offer my clients what I myself prefer to purchase. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George


"It's in the blood." In defense of a published quote in Florida Times Union article quoting Ann George.

Greetings and best wishes to all,

This will be a short post to speak to a quote published recently in a Times-Union article on psychics.

I received a call from a journalism student who was clearly unfamiliar with psychism  in general, as well all all things occult, mystic, and paranormal. As I am fond of true journalism, I invested at least an hour an a half in two conversations to try to help her understand that reducing an ancient practice to 1000 words was going to be quite hard.

I did my best to refer her to my website, invite her to limit the scope of the article, and to provide her a better understanding of people who are born clairvoyant.  One  of my goals in particular was to reposed to her question about whether or not all people are psychic, how it happens that I am psychic, and other tangental questions.

My quote - "It's in the blood." - was the summary of a long conversation about the fact that the ability to see the future, to have precognition, to see spirits, and to be able to see past events might well be a trait that his inherited. I did provide her a good deal of information, made a concerted effort to help her gain an understanding of my practice,  and I do realize her article was subject to editing.

All the same, I do feel my time was not well spent as my only quote is the rather primitive assertion the newspaper saw fit to publish. Regardless, I do think it is important to accept that some people are just born with the ability to see the future.

Many readers will tell you they are third, fourth or even seventh generation psychics. I know that I have ancestors who are gifted as well as living relatives who have the ability to "know" or to "see" things before they happen.

My point was that psychic ability, just like hair color, may be in the basic DNA of a person, beyond their control, and a fact they must come to terms with.  I often consult people who are in fact very uncomfortable with their ability to have visions, see spirits and to know the future.

There is very little support in this country (USA) for those people who are gifted. Many feel as if they are going crazy and are ashamed to seek counseling.  The article was a step forward, a bit sideways, but forward all the same.

I would like to add now that even thought a person may be gifted at birth, there are those who are determined to master that gift, to train, to study, and practice or apprentice, so that they may provide their clients the most accurate reading possible.

I apprenticed under a well respected reader back in 1995 as well, I trained at various psychic fairs here in town to be sure that I was able to connect with my clients and the Akashic each time I was called upon to read.  I continue to study to this day.

I hope that those who read the article will also note this is a misquote:

"Psychics possess a number of abilities which allow them to provide a number of services, George said. These include tarot readings, in which a special deck of cards is used to help divine the prophecies, and the use of ritual candles for meditation purposes. Many psychics also claim to have an array of healing powers. "

I do not "divine the prophecies." I am not a prophet and have never claimed such status. I do not use candles in my readings. I do hand pour and sell ritual meditation candles to be used by any one who chooses to purchase them, but I do not sell candle magic of any kind. 

As to the statement " Many psychics also claim to have an array of healing powers. " I do not recall saying anything like that. It is true that many who offer readings are also trained energy healers, and I may have said that. 

It is my hope that if you saw the article, you will visit my site and realize that I am far more articulate, and far more willing to help everyone who choses to, come to an understanding of the psychic arts. 

Wishing you peace in all things. 

Ann George