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An Open Letter to A Seeker About Hexes & Curses

I am always sorry to have to write letters like this one, but I post a public reply to a seeker who wrote asking for help. I have also provided support and reassurance to other clients who come to me after encountering con artists who prey on the trust of others. 
Here is the letter: 
Dear Ann,
I took an opportunity to write to you hoping that you can help me.
For the past 10 years, it feels to me like wherever I go or whatever I do I go one step forward and three steps back. For the last few years, problems seem to be showering on me. Relationships do not start or work, jobs lost for, what seems, no particular reason, housing situation volatile, etc.
Over the years, I consulted few tarot readers and psychics and they did not tell me that I was hexed or cursed. 
But I also consulted a witch of some kind few times. Each time I saw her, she would tell  me that I am either cursed or hexed. She would ask for my photographs to remove the curses or hexes but when I would return after some …

In Person Sessions today at Midnight Sun • 1055 Park Street • Jacksonville, FL

I look forward to being of service today and seeing clients in Jacksonville face to face!
I will be offering Clairvoyant Tarot readings at Midnight Sun from 12:30 - 5:00 PM today. No appointment needed. Just walk in.

It fact it is a great day to stop into Midnight Sun! A container of new treasures has arrived from India, Bali & Nepal. There are many lovely new gifts and "stocking stuffers" to choose from while waiting if  there is a line.

Cash, debit and credit  cards are all accepted for readings.

The 15 minute reading is $40 and the half hour session is $70. It is best to come prepared with your questions as I do not offer "general readings." I  look forward to seeing you soon. 

Gift Certificates for Clairvoyant Tarot Readings - Give the Gift of Clarity, Insight & Direction

This holiday season I am pleased to offer Gift Certificates for all psychic services.

You may choose to buy a certificate for a live or a telephone reading.

You may choose to gift your friend or loved one with either the 15 minute or the half hour psychic reading session.

(If your loved one hopes for past life or mediumship work, the half hour session makes the best gift.)

Each gift certificate is printed on fine card stock and is mailed for you in a first quality envelope.

I am happy to mail the gift card (or cards)  to you if you prefer to hand deliver your present.

To purchase the gift of Tarot please shop online!  Most all questions about the reading process are answered on this blog, or my website.

The Mystic Book Store is Restored

I am very pleased to say that the Book Store on my site is at last updated. I am pleased with the look of the first page, which is a simple index.

I am very pleased that I was able to rebuild and restore the original reading list for books in those topics I feel are critical for every serious student of Tarot.

I have recommended Tarot Decks on one page, books for Hermetic Studies as well as selected title on Quantum Theory!

I hope you enjoy the selection. I took care in suggesting those books that have helped me on my journey. The store is hosted by I receive a token for each sale - but the purpose is not profit, rather to maintain an ongoing list of titles that are of benefit.

Ever forward!!

Clairvoyant Tarot - New "In Person" Sessions Available.

Clairvoyant Tarot by Appointment I am very pleased to offer additional appointment times for “live” or “in person” readings at Midnight Sun as of Wednesday 11/3/15.  
In Person readings are available from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  For these sessions, an appointment and a deposit are necessary.  
To make your appointment for a private, in person session, please call my office at 904-993-7466. 
To confirm your session, safe and secure online shopping carts enable you to make your deposit in a snap using credit or PayPal as you prefer.* 
Mid-day reading appointments are accepted for half hour sessions only. Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like a mid-day reading and I will do my best to accommodate you.
Thursday will continue to be “Walk in Thursday” and no appointment is required.  Simply walk-in to Midnight Sun between 12:30 & 5:00 to experience the benefits of Clairvoyant Tarot. Fifteen Minute and Half Hour Sessions are available on Th…

Tarot Podcasts: Explorations of Tarot by Ann George

Pod Casts on Tarot - and other esoteric concerns are now available if you simple click this link. 
I am new to the podcast process, and  record without a script, nonetheless, I present a link to my pod bean page - and a podcast for new clients.

I will continue to record about all matters Tarot. I also hope to have a section for paranormal event questions and answers in the near future.

Thank you kindly,

Ann George

Love Readings - Clairvoyant Tarot for Relationships.

Loving relationships can bring great happiness, joy, comfort and pleasure. When a couple has managed to build a relationship based on mutual respect, trust, honesty and open communication they have one of the greatest blessings this life offers. Clairvoyant Tarot readings do provide clarity, insight and direction during all phases of a loving relationship.
Clearly the best time to consult a gifted reader is before you fully commit to a loving  relationship. If you have been dating and feel as if you have a good idea of who you are seeing, have had conversations about mutual goals and hopes for the future, then this is the best time to consult a reader to see the outcome of continuing your relationship. If the outcome is favorable, most people choose to continue. If the outcome is not favorable, many will choose to move on, or to ask a second question to see if the relationship can be improved. 
Some people consult after a few dates as they have very strong feelings toward the person t…

Reading the Now

I am almost always asked to do readings to see the future. I also offer past life reading and mediumship work as is necessary for the emotional well being of my clients. 
I am a question specific reader, and do not “throw the cards” or “read the cards” in the sense that I rely on the Tarot exclusively for seeing. Rather, the Tarot is my validator, the second opinion and witness that empowers me to rest assured that what I “see” is accurate.  My responsibility is to tell you the truthful answer to any questions you ask.

In recent times, more clients are coming for an assessment of the present. Their concerns are best expressed as:
“What is going on?“
“Why do I feel this way?”
“Am I on the right path”  “What is my life’s purpose.”
These kinds of questions, arising more and more often, confirm that we are indeed in a strange and stressful time. The world we inhabit is rapidly changing and forces both obvious and subtle are changing our lives.
A reading can help provide or restore “sure f…

Mediumship Readings - A Podcast by Ann George

I hope you will find this short podcast in reply to a client seeking a Mediumship session helpful.

In general, I suggest you order the half hour session for this kind of work. As well, if you are able, you may find it very comforting to work "live" or "in person."

If this is not possible, phone readings are as effective, however, I am not able to provide you with a tissue, or a warm smile, hug, or simple physical presence. Please feel welcome to contact me to schedule a session.

With kind regards,

Ann George

Clairvoyant Tarot: Notes for new clients seeking readings.

I recently had a client come for a reading. She had not read my website, and was not aware that I am not a “fortune teller.”I am a clairvoyant person who uses Tarot to ensure that I provide you the most accurate answers possible to any question you may ask - no matter what. 
This client wanted what some call a “General Reading” which is a service I do not offer.  I do not believe we are “fated.” I do not believe are powerless, nor that we are destined to have a certain fate, or that at a certain point in time this must happen or that person will appear. 
I do believe in casualty. I do believe that the future is a consequence of past thoughts, words and deeds. I also believe that our present values, our everyday self talk,  as well as the hopes and plans we make for our future bring our future into being.

The world is far to vast and mysterious for me to “predict’ its unfolding. This is a world that is constantly coming, and therefore, a magical and rich interactive playground of illus…

Ann George will not be available for Walk-In Thursday on April 23, 2015

Due to a stroke of great good fortune, I have the opportunity to have instruction and blessing from a most revered teacher. I will therefore not be available for Walk-In Wednesday at Midnight Sun this week. I will return to my regular reading schedule next week. 
It is likely that the Practical Mysticism Workshop scheduled in general for the last Saturday of the Month will be cancelled as well.  Please watch for a day change for that series. 
Kind regards, 
Ann George

Practical Mysticism Workshop - 2nd Class Saturday 2/29/15

All are welcome to join the second in a series of workshops that will feature a discussion on the benefits of understanding the basic personality traits of each sign of the Zodiac so that we may celebrate and understand how each of us brings different gifts to the table of life. 
Please bring your insights and experiences to the conversation. Class/Workshop will be offered from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM at Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204. Cost is $20 per person. (Debit, Credit and Cash all accepted.) 
This month the workshop will continue to explore such topics as: 1) Signs of the Zodiac and how they may best used in advising every day decisions
2) Signs & Omens
3) Paranormal Events
4) Empowering Rituals - simple, elegant ways you can make everyday acts sacred.
5) Opening to your Inner Mystic 
6) Action on the Mystic Path 
7) The Internal Dialogue

This second workshop will focus, in part on the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus. Topics for discussion will also include the metaphys…

Practical Mysticism Workshops Begin - First Class Saturday 1/31/15.

Join Ann George - a practicing mystic and natural clairvoyant - for an esoteric workshop series designed to help you rediscover the mystic in the mundane. 

Ms. George will be offering a series of 12 classes. Each class will be offered on the last Saturday of every month from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM at Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is located at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204. It is served by the #15 and the #5 bus routes. Each class is $20 per person. Cash please, however debit and credit cards are accepted ($22 per class.) 

Each workshop will explore such topics as:

1) The relevance of the Signs of the Zodiac and how they may best used in advising every day decisions;
2) Signs, Omens, and Totem Animals - how to “see” them in the everyday;
3) Paranormal Events of All Kinds ( please bring your questions);
4) Empowering Rituals - simple, elegant ways you can make simple acts sacred;
5) Opening to your Inner Mystic;
6) Action on the Mystic Path;
7) The Internal Dialogue;

Exploring the mystic …

"A true psychic does not have to use cards to read you." and other odd statements found on line.

I was doing a search to see what was new on the web, and I found a very helpful article published some five years ago. The article could have been excerpted from my site as much of what was published mirrors my values - almost verbatim.

However, I am always saddened by the kind of exclusive statement found in the article which read: "A true psychic does not have to use cards to read you, but will connect with, and read your energy vibrations, and a true medium will connect with energy vibrations of spirit."

As a Clairvoyant person - or if we must use the word "psychic" person - I am able to read my clients without Tarot. However, I find no benefit what so ever in denying my clients access to the most accurate reading possible. 

Tarot ensures that this will occur. Why? Because it is a vibrational double check. Tarot is responsive to the "vibrations" of the seeker, and thus clarifies or brings forward inner thoughts and feelings, insights and concerns the clien…

"It's in the blood." In defense of a published quote in Florida Times Union article quoting Ann George.

Greetings and best wishes to all,

This will be a short post to speak to a quote published recently in a Times-Union article on psychics.

I received a call from a journalism student who was clearly unfamiliar with psychism  in general, as well all all things occult, mystic, and paranormal. As I am fond of true journalism, I invested at least an hour an a half in two conversations to try to help her understand that reducing an ancient practice to 1000 words was going to be quite hard.

I did my best to refer her to my website, invite her to limit the scope of the article, and to provide her a better understanding of people who are born clairvoyant.  One  of my goals in particular was to reposed to her question about whether or not all people are psychic, how it happens that I am psychic, and other tangental questions.

My quote - "It's in the blood." - was the summary of a long conversation about the fact that the ability to see the future, to have precognition, to see spir…