Learn to read Tarot -Sunday 12/13/09 @ 1 PM

The Tarot Salon will meet again on Sunday, December 13, 2009. This is an excellent class for beginners as well as practicing readers to learn more about Tarot, fundamentals of interpretation, the landscape method of interpretation, as well as other topics of interest to participants.

The Class has really become a free flowing experience, and while I do have a course outline posted on my site, and am capable of teaching Tarot from the Hermetic perspective, it is also working very well to have students request the topic for the day. Question and answer periods occur throughout the two hour workshop, and as some of those attending are quite will versed in Tarot, as well as other metaphysical paths.. and many have a good background in astrology, the workshop is a rich experience for teacher & students alike.

You may choose to participate at anytime. The course outline is very flexible, so no need to worry if you were not able to attend the first lesson. The fee for the class is $15... cash please.

Classes are held in the ambient and sacred space shared with the Adishakti Yoga school, so you may prefer to wear comfortable clothing for floor sitting.  Cushions and chairs are available, but you should bring your own paper.. or lap top to take notes.

The Midnight Sun is located at 1055 Park Street, Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida 32204. For all questions about the class, please contact Ann George Studios, Inc. I look forward to seeing you Sunday.


December First Friday Tarot at The Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun, located at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204, will host mini readings this Friday, December 4, 2009, from 4:00 until  7:00 PM.

The First Friday special offers the answer to One Question for $10. If you have never consulted the Tarot, and are not sure how to ask an answerable question, please take a moment to visit "Help Me Ask My Questions" for a bit more information.

Please know that your participation in the reading process is very important. A Tarot reading is a co-created experience and therefore you have a lot of control over what question is asked, and how much information is revealed.

The readings offered for First Friday are intended to introduce the Tarot to newcomers, or to give a quick insight to regular customers, but not to delve deeply into spiritual matters.

If you would like to make an appointment for a regular Tarot reading, for a private session, you may contact me via my website, Ann George Studios, Inc.

Prices for in person readings are:
$35 for a 15 minute reading. This usually allows time to answer one to three questions.
$65 for the 30 minute reading. This session allows time to answer 4 to six questions.

There is quite a bit of useful information about Tarot in this blog, and more about Clairvoyant Tarot published on my site. I think it is important for me to mention that I offer clairvoyant Tarot readings, which may also be called psychic Tarot readings.

I say this because sometimes people  do not understand the tremendous range of Tarot when used as a validating tool during a psychic reading.  The Tarot enables me to get to the heart of the matter as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Further, the visual impact of the images revealed during your reading, the cards themselves, are often very powerful healing images that benefit the client by providing a new insight, or perhaps a new validation for their spiritual journey.

If you have been afraid to consult the Tarot, please feel welcome to stop by on Friday and say hello, meet me, see the cards, and talk a bit about your concerns. I am very happy to answer general questions about the Tarot as an occult book of wisdom, mirror of reality, window to the future.......

Wishing you every happiness!

Ann George


Tarot Class Synopsis

Greetings to All,

For those who were not able to attend the October Class, here is a quick summary of the topics covered, courtesy in part of a very gifted student!

The focus of the class was the "Landscape Method" of interpreting a spread of Tarot cards, rather than trying to decode each card on it's own & then put it in context with the rest of the Tarots on the table.

To do this, I first presented the Minor Arcana by element & discussed the nature of the elements as fields of activity. Then the Minor Arcana were broken into primary groups for interpretation. These groups were the Aces, Tarots numbered 2 through 10, and the Court Cards.

We began to discuss the Minor Arcana and their relationship to signs & planets.. or the sphere of the Zodiac if you prefer. As class was nearing an end, we looked at the Major Arcana just a bit to give an overview of the primary meaning of each card.

This was an intense and fast paced class! Second Sunday in November, I will review these topics, but as requested, will address the Major Arcana in greater detail.

Please feel welcome to join at any time. The class/discussion group will be ongoing, and topics are chosen by those in attendance.

Class is held at The Midnight Sun, located at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204 from 1:00 PM 'til 3:00PM. Class fee is $15.


Learn to read Tarot -Sunday 10/11 @ 1 PM

Learn to read the Tarot - Monthly Tarot Class, Five Points, Jacksonville, Florida

Join us for the second in a series of ongoing classes on the Tarot. The second Sunday of every month, Ann George, a professional Tarot consultant and clairvoyant reader, teaches a Tarot class at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida.

From 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM the class will begin to cover the following topics:

Cabalistic Creation Theology;
The Paths Between Sephirah in relation to the Major Arcana;
Archtypes and Human Nature;
Spiritual Astrology & Planetary Symbolism;
Number as Symbol for the Nature of Activity;
Element as Symbol for the Field of Activity;
Astrology, Signs, and Human Nature as Relevant to the Interpretation of Tarot;
Ethic & Intent for the Right Use of Tarot;
Psychic Self-Protection;
Meanings of each of the 22 Major Arcana;

Each class will be followed by a question and answer period & group discussion from 2:00 PM until approximately 3:00 PM. This should faciliate a discussion of all aspects of Tarot and metaphysics. The class fee is $15 per class. Reservations are not needed, but are greatly appreciated.


First Friday in Five Points - Tarot Readings at The Midnight Sun

Tarot Readings First FridaysFirst Friday in Five Points starts a bit early for those interested in a Tarot reading.

Ann George, professional Tarot consultant and clairvoyant reader, will offer Tarot readings beginning at 5:00 PM at The Midnight Sun.

The Friday Night Special is for those new to Tarot and the psychic reading experience. One question will be answered for a $10 fee. Please visit Ann's site for more information about Tarot & the reading process.

The Midnight Sun is located at 1055 Park Street, Five Points, Riverside area of Jacksonville, Florida. See you there?


Psychic & Tarot Readings Today in Five Points

Enjoy a live psychc reading with Ann George today at her new location in The Midnight Sun.

Ann will be offering 15 minute readings for $35 and half hour sessions for $65 ... cash please. If you require more time for your reading, please contact Ann to schedule a longer session.

Many articles on psychic readings, tarot, clairvoyant tarot and other topics of metaphysical interest are published for your review at AnnGeorge.com and testimonials and references are online as well.


Learn Tarot in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday September 13, 2009

The Tarot Class & Discussion Group meets September 13, 2009, at 1055 Park Street, in The Midnight Sun. Class will be offered on the second Sunday of every month at The Midnight Sun. From 1:15 PM until 3:15 PM Ann will teach from the Tarot Intensive course outline posted on her site.

Classes will begin from the Hermetic point of view, but are not limited to that theory. Tarot instruction is offered from 1:15 until 2:15 PM. Each class will be followed by a question and answer period & group discussion from 2:15 PM until 3:15 PM. This Salon should facilitate a discussion of all aspects of Tarot and metaphysics. The class fee is $15 per class/salon. Reservations are not needed, but are greatly appreciated.

One benefit of the ongoing class format is that students are welcome to participate as they are able. As well, each class opens with a request for topics for the day. This Wednesday, the Salon met for the first time and topics chosen were the Minor Arcana & spreads.

We were able to cover the foundations of interpretation of the Minor Arcana by sign & number, although we did not have time to delve too deeply into the astrology of each card.

The over view of spreads was quite brief, offering a three card spread, and a more detailed introduction to the 15/16 card spread. What is most clear is that is will be better to teach a little bit less each class & offer more discussion time and question and answer time at the end.

The Tarot is a marvelous tool for self awareness, personal transformation, spiritual development, the study of astrology, human psychology, archetype... as well as being an excellent tool for divination. One Salon participant commented that one could really offer a class on each card.

I quite agree. It is my hope that the class will continue to grow & develop and be of benefit for all who are interested in the mystic arts, with Tarot as the doorway to greater discussion.

The class fee remains $15 for the two hour class. If you have questions, please feel welcome to contact me via e-mail. Here is a link to that contact form.


First Friday in Five Points - Tarot Readings at The Midnight Sun

For those who may be curious about Tarot, have never had a reading, and just want to "give it a try"... The Midnight Sun will host mini readings this Friday, September 4, 2009, from 5:00 until @ 7:00 PM.

I will offer a special introductory reading: One Question for $10. If you have never consulted the Tarot, and are not sure how to ask an answerable question, please take a moment to visit "Help Me Ask My Questions" for a bit more information.

Know that your willing participation in the reading process is very important to a successful outcome. For more information about clairvoyant Tarot readings in general, please visit the Tarot section of my site.

As the readings offered for First Friday are intended to introduce the Tarot.. and not to delve deeply into spiritual matters, you may prefer to make an appointment for a private session. If so, you may contact me via my website.


Tarot in Troubled Times

I am reprinting an excerpt from an article on my site about the benefits of Tarot readings. I find that sometimes people who really want a reading may feel a bit uncomfortable about scheduling a consultation.

It may seem new, unusual, or a bit frightening to consult a psychic or clairvoyant reader for the first time. Many people do not know what to expect when they order a reading. I encourage all to check references, ask friends for suggestions about ethical consultants, and to be sure that the fees charged seem reasonable.

It is my experience that a Tarot reading is particularly helpful for people looking for direction and validation during troubled times. I hope you find this excerpt helpful. The entire article may be viewed by clicking the title of this post:

"Since the dawn of time, people have sought the advice of an oracle.The desire for clarity and insight, the need to make sense of the turmoil of everyday life and find peace with our place in the world is healthy. The wish to understand the greater meaning of the changes we face; the desire to understand ourselves in relationship to those we love... all these are reasons to seek beyond our own mind for a glimpse of a greater plan."

It is important to add that one of the many benefits of a Tarot consultation is the opportunity to ask direct questions about the future, and to receive a direct and honest response to those questions from an objective witness who has nothing to gain nor lose in being honest with you.

When I read for you, I only ask that you tell me your question. Then, during a meditative process, I will ask you to concentrate on the details of that question while I shuffle the cards, and "listen" in psychic attention to your process. Thus, the the only information I have about your situation is that information you share when concentrating on the particulars of the matter.

For more information on this Question and Answer process please enjoy the article "Help Me Ask MY Questions", written to ensure that you receive the most relevant & accurate answers possible. There are many other articles online at Ann George Studios, Inc. written to help you have the most useful consultation possible.

Whether you choose to have your reading in person, or by telephone, the accuracy of each answer will be determined large part by your willingness to open to the process and to share your thoughts with your reader. The more direct and clear the question, the more accurate the answer.

If really are very upset, or are feeling very frightened or confused, it may be best to wait until you feel a bit more calm before scheduling an appointment. Please feel welcome to call me for more information if the articles on the blog or the site do not provide sufficient information.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.

Ann George


Tarot Readings for Couples

tarot card reader ann georgeI recently had a call from a client asking if I did readings for couples. I may not have taken enough time to fully answer that question by phone, so I will take a moment here to offer more information.

In general, I read for one person at a time. Sometimes, that person will want a friend, relative or loved one to be present during the reading. Many people find it helpful to have a friend in attendance to help them remember all that was revealed in the session. As well, sometimes a friend will hear the same words, but apply a slightly different interpretation than the seeker.

The discussion that follows if often beneficial to both parties. However, in those circumstances, my primary purpose is to provide honest answers to the questions asked. If, the seeker asks a question about their relationship with the person in attendance, I will of course continue to provide my most accurate answer possible.

Sometimes, this is uncomfortable for me.... and not always in the best interest of the couple. My suggestion is that if a couple want to consult the Tarot together, that they decide what questions they want to ask.. or what information they want to receive. Then, it will be best for the couple to decide who will sit at the table to ask the questions they have agreed upon.

For example, if a couple is trying to heal a relationship, they could ask very useful questions that could help them resolve their differences and work toward a reconciliation. I think it crucial to point out that I am not a marriage counselor, nor am I a L.C.S.W. and am not trained to mediation a marriage conflict.

I am a professional Clairvoyant reader who employs Tarot to be sure that the answers I see are validated by this ancient oracle.. and to be able to reveal back to the seeker, answers to their questions with verbal and visual skills.

In closing, I do read for one person with a second in attendance. I will also read for a couple, with one person as the primary seeker asking questions that the couple believes will be helpful, and/or healing.


Clairvoyant Ann George - Testimonial for Ann George Studios

Hi Ann,

I just wanted to let you know that I am truly amazed with your talented ability to answer my questions. You are always right on target and I always appreciate your kindness and your honesty.

I have been calling you on and off for the last five years and every time I do call, I wonder why I waited so long to call you. You have helped me in manys ways with my love life, my career and developing my spirituallity.

I have recommended you to my friends and I would recommend you to anyone who might be hesitant to make the phone call to you. I feel your prices for the service that is given is very reasonable. You are so genuine and caring. I think you are the best!

Yours truly,

Diane T


Tarot Readings at The Midnight Sun

Tarot readings at 1055 Park StreetHello Everyone,

This little post to to update my "in person" Tarot reading address. Sometimes, the web picks up my mailing address as my in person reading address. I only offer in person readings at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, in the lovely Five Points Shopping district, Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida.

There is a beautiful studio at the back of the shop, and readings are offered there, daily by appointment. If you would like more information about Tarot readings, and in particular, clairvoyant Tarot readings, please visit my website for useful articles on how to have the best reading possible.

If you are not able to come to The Midnight Sun for your reading, I also offer readings by telephone appointment. If you are new to phone readings, please review this article that explains the metaphysics of phone readings and how they work.

The studio in The Midnight Sun is also home to Adishakti Yoga Kula.
I am sure you will enjoy a visit to Tara's lovely site. There are many kinds of classes to choose from.


Learn Tarot in Jacksonville - New Workshop Starts in August

In addition to this blog, which will feature posts about Tarot, their meaning and purpose, as well as general answers to questions from clients; I have also started a virtual class room online at Mind, Body and The Spirit World Website.

Please feel welcome to visit as more intensive and specific discussions of Tarot will occur there. I am also pleased to say that beginning in August, 2009, a Tarot Class will be offered the second Sunday of every month at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida.

This will be a two hour class that begins at 1:15 and ends promptly at 3:15 PM as The Midnight Sun closes at 4:00 on Sundays. The first portion of the class will be "formal" instruction in the origin of interpretation of Tarot, or a specific card group and their meaning, moving forward to gradually included a teaching on each of the 78 Tarot in the deck. The second half of the class will be an open discussion, question and answer period.. the "Salon" portion.. where like minded people can share their experience, resources, and personal experiences with Tarot.

I am happy to teach again, and to facilitate discussion. If you are interested in more information, you might like to review some course outlines from past years that are available on line in the Tarot reading section of my site.

The Salon or Class Series will be conducted in an open way, so that you may attend as you are able. Of course you will receive the greatest benefit if you are able to come to the first classes in particular as they will cover critical information. The classes will be open to anyone, beginning and advanced students alike.

Each class will cost $15. There are no study materials to purchase, although I strongly encourage you to purchase a copy of the Hermetic Tarot Deck. If you require more information, please send me an e-mail.


Testimonial for Psychic Ann George - Clairvoyant

testimonial Psychic Ann GeorgeI am pleased to post an unsolicited testimonial from a satisfied client, and remain quite grateful to all who have worked with me over the years.


I am so glad I talked to you today, I don't know how I went so long without an update from you. Today I was reminded how amazingly gifted you are, I felt you were very tuned in, you picked up many things about my situation that no one could ever guess. What you see for the future also is very much in line with things that I have already set in motion.

You are always so honest, I really appreciate that. and you have been right about so many things that did not make sense at the time, but later came to be as you predicted. So lucky for me today, most of what you picked up was positive! and I feel pretty peaceful about the not so positive as well, you helped me to understand him better and accept what is out of my control. Thanks so much, I wish you all the best.

Talk to you again soon!


Sunday, June 07, 2009 at 09:16:53.


Your First Tarot Reading - How to Prepare

I had a call from a new client who wanted to schedule their first Tarot reading. If you are in Jacksonville, Florida and would like to come for your first Tarot reading, I am very happy to schedule a session for you. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

First - It is good to know What Happens In a Reading.
Second - It is helpful to ask
that will give you the direction you need.
Third - I think it is very useful to know something about the values of your Tarot consultant.
Finally - Testimonials from reliable sources (friends you trust, other clients of that reader, or the online testimonials for the psychic.)

A few of the other posts in this blog are written to help you have the most useful Tarot reading possible. Of course, some people just walk right in, take the plunge, have a reading and are very happy with the outcome.

One purpose of consulting the Tarot is to gain clarity, insight, direction. If you are able to spend a few moments preparing your questions, it will help me help you to have a successful session. Of course, if everything just seems too much, I am happy to help you with your questions.

I do not ask for any more information from you than the question. Once that is spoken aloud, I will ask you to concentrate on the particulars, the details of the matter until you feel as if you have thought of everything relevant. Then, we will turn the Tarot and see the answer.

It is my responsibility to tell the truth, and to remind you the the outcome revealed is based on past action and the decisions you make in the relative present.

I hope you will visit my site for more information on Tarot and the reading process. You may contact me by email through the site, or phone (904) 993-7466 to schedule an appointment.


Psychic love reading - Tarot for the energetic nature of relationship.

ann george studios, incOften when looking into relationships, I find that it is important to address both the physical truth & the energetic truth of emotional/sexual relationship. Sometimes I will be reading for a client who is looking for new love, asking "Show me the best path to right love" perhaps, and even though that question implies the client is single, the very same client reads as a married person.

Examples when this might occur include those who are recently divorced and still physically living in the same home, co-workers who have ended an emotional relationship but still see each other everyday at work and people who really are physically separated but who have not made the emotional disconnect.

It is my nature to read the energetic reality first, which means I tend to see the physically single person with a deep attachment to a relationship partner as a couple regardless of the physical nature of relationship. I have published another article on the energetic nature of relationship which you may find useful.

That said, there are several points to discuss when approaching an answer to the complexities of human relationship through the oracle of Tarot.

The first concept is in play in the discussion of which is the true relationship reality. I am sure the energetic one must be considered the valid outlook. Anyone who has felt trapped in a "loveless" relationship will know right away that the presence of a partner does not mean that one is loved.

The second concept is that the future outcome of relationships is very much dependent on both the actions of seeker and the willingness of the beloved to recreate that relationship future. Sometimes I suggest the question be fine-tuned to: "Show me the outcome of continuing my relationship under the present circumstances." This question usually reveals the outcome of the relationship & allows for the follow up questions, "Show me the best way to heal my relationship if possible."

It may seem a bit controlling of me to suggest a "formal" question, however, my suggestions are only that. I have learned that the active, focused question yields the most direct and timely answer, whereas the "Will I?" question yields many relationship futures, depending on what the clients bottom line really is.

Further, as I do not ask you tell me anything about the relationship, only to concentrate on the details - to visualize the meeting; the evolution of the relationship; and the current state of affairs while I shuffle the cards for you - I will have no verbal information to go on, so the question is critical.

I strongly prefer to know nothing about a situation before consulting the Tarot. If both seeker & reader are open, the question is clear, and the seeker is able to concentrate on the details of the question, then the energetic conditions to reveal the future are met, and the answer is revealed, as best as I am able.

(*Many times a client has been thinking about the problem for days, and will quickly review the issues in a matter of seconds during the reading. However, I require that the client concentrate for a matter of minutes on the progression of the relationship to give the most accurate reading. If a client really feels as if they cannot concentrate on the question, but needs to speak the information - to tell me what happened - of course that is fine.)

A final concept to address in this post is the difficulty of the pressing needs of lovers to know what will happen next. OFten, when in love, the desire for the beloved is great, the pain of the loss of the relationship, or the suffering during a crisis in relationship creates a kind of pressure, or an emotional volume that creates a kind barrier for this reader to overcome.

I must read past, or see past the desire of the seeker for a particular outcome to see the outcome that is already in play... the co-created future between two people. At this point in a reading, one encounters another relationship truth - both parties must be open to recreating the future for a new outcome to occur.

The contradictory point of discussion is that is also true that to change a relationship, the first thing one must change is the self. When we change our minds, hearts, thoughts, words, and actions then everything around us will change in response. A powerful woman healer I know closes all her e-mails with a quote to this effect "You are what you think - Think Love."

In conclusion, this post addresses a few points that seem most relevant to Tarot readings for the future of loving relationships. I will address this topic again in future posts. Until that time, I send best wishes for loving kindness in all you do. Ann George


Ann George Studios, Inc. has an excellent reputation.

tarot consultant ann georgeRecently a long time client asked how she could now refer her friends to me. She told me that when she entered my name into the search engines she encountered two outrageous posts about my services on the "Rip Off Report". There she found some abusive posts about my psychic services on "The Rip Off Report"

I was already familiar with this site that allows people to post anonymous, and often very false complaints about business of any kind. As well, the site also must make money with affiliate advertising, because as you roll over a link, there is a little pop up ad that displays the very kind of service the consumer is complaining about. I did my due diligence to report to that sites web host that the information posted about me was false, and defamatory

I had also received an e-mail from a company informing me of a very defamatory report at that site & offering to "repair" my reputation for a fee. I suspect that the company offering help is in league with the owners of the company encouraging false reports. I followed up with the web host for the site that promises to "repair" the Rip-Off report, but to no avail as the ROR will not ever take down a post.

I admit that I am human, therefore capable of error, and that I cannot always read every client,  but allegations that I am a money hungry, product pushing, manipulator with no respect for human suffering is not at all true.

Here are a few links for your information about the Ripoff Report that validate my position. BE AWARE at the time of posting, these seemed like useful links. Please do not take my posting as a reference that the sites listed below will be valid tomorrow!

* Scam Review Sites
* A note from Garden Girl
* From Marketing Pilgrim* If you have been a victim of the "Ripoff Report"
* Google Reputation Mangement
* From US-Web
* The Anatomy of a RipOff Report Lawsuit.

If you would like to read some of the letters actually written by my clients over the years, please click the title of this post to check my references.

I do realize that all business are subject to criticism & all businesses make mistakes. What surprises me about the posts on Ripoff Report is the complaint seems to a personal attack that includes a bit of name calling.

If you would like to read one of the nasty notes left by others please visit:
Report One

However, a general search for my services on
Yahoo is still favorable as of this posting. Sadly, Google seems to favor the negative post on Ripoff Report at present.

Thanks to all for your attention to this post. I am still Ann George, I have consistently owned and operated my studio since 1996. I have been online since 2000, and shall continue to offer my best service to all.

Ever forward.

Ann George

Fears About Seeing the Future - Concerns for a First Reading

I had a very interesting conversation yesterday with a woman who was considering having her first Tarot reading. She shared a concern that I have heard over the years, and I want to blog about this topic while our conversation is still fresh in my mind.

The concern she voiced was: "If one does see the future, can what is revealed become a self-fulfilling prophecy?" I hope my reply yesterday was thorough & useful. Here are more thoughts on the subject.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on the idea of a self fulfilling prophecy which includes the following:

"In other words, a prophecy declared as truth when it is actually false may sufficiently influence people, either through fear or logical confusion, so that their reactions ultimately fulfill the once-false prophecy."

Now before I go into the specifics of my reply, I must first say that I am not a prophet. I do not ever intend that the readings I offer be taken as final, absolute, dictatorial.. or in any other way so magical that they are "declared". I do not seek to influence clients, to cause them to make one choice or another.

My primary purpose in offering Tarot consultations is to provide accurate answers to seekers questions to the best of my ability by all means possible. I have been offering readings to the public since 1996, and it is on that experience that I base my reply.

First: It is not my experience that readings in and of themselves create the future. The future seen is most always the outcome of the past actions and present choices of the seeker, as influenced by the environment in which he or she lives.

Second: Many, many times the future revealed in a Tarot consultation is changeable. We have the power to change our minds, to turn left, to stay or go... in short to make any number of choices that can avert an unfortunate outcome.

Third: While some may have a feeling of dread, or of doom; as if a "black cloud" of bad luck is following them, this emotional habit may well cause one to see negative in a situation where a positive outlook is possible.

It seems as if the importance one attaches to the future revealed in a reading determines whether or not the outcome revealed becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In an effort to be sure I am offering a good answer, I often turn to a dictionary to be sure my reply is actually on topic.

To refer again to Wikipedia, this excerpt from the article previously referenced sums up my point of view very well:

"Robert K. Merton's concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy stems from the Thomas theorem, which states that "If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences."[2] According to Thomas, people do not react only to the situations they are in, but also, and often primarily, to the way they perceive the situations and to the meaning they assign to these situations.

Therefore, their behavior is determined in part by their perception and the meaning they ascribe to the situations they are in, rather than by the situations themselves. Once people convince themselves that a situation really has a certain meaning, regardless of whether it actually does, they will take very real actions in consequence."

It is noteworthy to me that the very power of the mind to create what is usually referenced as a negative, in this case the "self fulfilling prophecy" is simultaneously one of the best reasons to consult an oracle, such as the oracle of Tarot.

I am certain that we co-create our futures, and it is in seeing the outcome of our actions that we may be free of harmful habits and patterns. Further, in my practice, readings are co-created. I am not able to read well for you if you are not willing to be present in the process with an open mind. We open the door of the Akashic Record together... to see the world that is constantly coming.



Psychic Scams - More thoughts on a sensitive subject

I have reviewed my past two articles on psychic scams, and double checked the information posted on the links I included in the last post.

I notice that one post seems to take a bit too much pleasure in calling one reader a fraud. The evidence of the "fraud" is that the reader made a mistake during a public reading.

Mistakes happen. No reader is 100% accurate, 100% of the time. To expect a human being to always perfectly see the past, present of future of the live or lives of another is just not reasonable.

Even the best reader, with the best intention will find some clients difficult to read. As well, those who come to a session to play "trick the psychic" make it impossible for a reader to see clearly.

For example, if you already know the answer to the question you are about to ask a professional reader, why bother asking? What purpose could that serve. (If you are seeking deeper insight into the how, or the why of something.. seeking clarity, then of course ask the question.)

Good readers come to the table willing to do their best to look for your answer, the outcome, the future for your greatest good. When I sit down to do a session, I choose to believe my client has come with an open mind and a willing heart. In that trust, I offer my services, knowing that time & again, the best sessions happen when we agree to work together.


Tarot Consultations Only - Ethics of a Professional Reader

tarot card reader, professional tarot consultantI have received several emails lately from new visitors to my website asking if I will perform rituals for them.

In particular, I have been asked to do rituals for success, to reunite lost loves, to bring money, and to break up relationships.

I do not now, nor have I ever offered services of this kind. I do not do "work" and have published many articles written to help new clients better understand the the power to change our lives rests with in each of us.

We are the magic, we create the future, we can change so much about our lives when we have some clarity, insight and direction. An ethical Tarot consultation can indeed offer that clarity and an out picturing of the future outcome of our actions.

I provide Clairvoyant Tarot readings by appointment. The fees for my services are clearly stated, and don't change. You receive the reading you pay for, one which offers many benefits.

I have written many articles, some in this blog, others on my site, that address the nature & purpose of my services. I will refer you to an article Candle Magic & Psychic Scams written to help you avoid being scammed, tricked, and/or manipulated by "readers" and "advisors" who claim to be able to change your luck, bring your true love back etc.

Please know that I do not intend this post as a criticism of others religious practices, others cultural values nor ritual in general.

However, I have received so many call from people who have been abused by "psychics" who offer rituals for money that I try to help people identify the difference between the personal rituals of prayer, meditation, offerings and ablutions that one does for oneself and spell casting or "rituals" done by strangers to affect change for the client.

These links will help you identify tricks of con artists who pose as psychics or spiritual advisors with the intention of gaining as much of your money as possible as well as insights into the ethics of other traditions:
For a bit more information on my own values as a reader, I offer a link to testimonials from my website.

I have received some negative reviews over the years, some from clients who wanted to hold me responsible for the decision they made as a result of information revealed in a reading.

Some that were from clients who may have had an unrealistic expectation of my abilities, and some that were from people who wanted a "free" reading. I am not the best reader for everyone, but I do give every client my full attention and best effort.

Ultimately, any seeker consulting a reader of any kind is best served when they realize they are buying that professional time, talent and attention.


The Sacred Trust - Ethics of a Professional Tarot Consultant

in person Tarot readings Jacksonville FloridaRecently, I had a curious friend ask me a question about a my reading process, and in particular about the kinds of things that occur in a reading.

I realized that it may be time again to post more information about my values as a reader so that others can know my thoughts on the Sacred Trust. Those words may sound dramatic, or self important, which is not at all my intention.

Rather, the words "Sacred Trust" reflect my deep sense of gratitude to the oracle of Tarot, my respect for the seekers, and an abiding commitment to keep the confidences entrusted to me by my clients.

I mention my gratitude to Tarot as it is this mystic device, this ancient book of mirrors that made it possible for me to gain mastery over my clairvoyant "gift", which I assure you, when running wild is no gift at all. Unbridled clairvoyance in my experience was a kaleidoscope of information that served no one.

It is the Tarot that made it possible to serve the public. For me, the Tarot is the portal I am able to open when needed and close when finished, allowing me to offer my clients accurate readings consistently.

I believe that as a reader, consulting the oracle of Tarot is a task to be undertaking in sacred space, with pure intention, and tremendous respect for the elders who have gone before me.. opening the door to the Akashic record.

As well, in this day & time, I have tremendous respect and appreciation for those who are not afraid to acknowledge that the mysteries endure, that the World is indeed a multi-dimensional experience, and that the unseen is often far more real than the tangible.

To be certain that I was able ready to work for the public, I apprenticed under a well-respected psychic in private practice for almost 9 months before opening my first Studio.

Today, I am able to work again for the public as city regulations that kept the mystics on the outskirts of town in adult entertainment zonings have been changed. My new little studio is located in the sacred space at 1055 Park Street, in the lovely studio in the back of The Midnight Sun.

We are able to close the door and have a private reading in that lovely room. What ever is revealed in your session, stays in that room unless you choose to reveal the information.

As for me, I will forget the reading shortly after we have finished. I will not be able to recall something I may have told you in a session at a later date. If you like, you are welcome to take notes during the reading. (I do not offer taped sessions.)

While at first, it may not seem very useful to have a Tarot consultant who forgets your session, in fact, the opposite is true. The future is in play, and always changing. Were I to hold the information revealed to you last month, it would be similar to hoarding old newspapers.

You will make changes, decisions, take actions and meet new people between readings. What was once revealed may have already occurred. When you sit down to see the outpicturing of your actions again, we will be able to access your portion of the Akashic, and all that has gone before - all that is relevant to your question - will be available again.

For another view of Tarot Ethics, please visit Tarotpedia.

Thanks to all for your continued support.


Ann George


Tarot & Inter-dependance: Why the Question Matters

Osho Zen Tarot image used with permissionIf you are coming for your first live reading with me please take a moment to review the Tarot section of my web site. I published those articles to offer new clients a clear introduction to my process so that they may understand what I think I am doing, what I am able to offer, and what my limitations are. ( I am not good at finding lost objects, lost pets, nor lost people. ) This information helps me to be more comfortable when we finally sit down together to do a reading because I know that you have had a chance to "meet" me before we begin.

A truth that is revealed in the reading process is that we are co-creating our future. Every choice we make, word we speak, action we take will affect our future. We are always making choices. When we come to the reading table, the answers revealed during the session reflect past acts and decisions. The answers that I am able to offer are a direct reply to the primary question you ask.

Tarot readings address both the internal and external worlds we live in. The primal images used in the decks serve as a mirror of our lives making the Tarot a useful tool to help us see ourselves as we are, where we are, and to gain the clarity, direction & insight on the processes that brought us to this moment in time.

Because we are in action, and the world is in action while everything is really changing all the time, it is best to ask specific questions designed to reveal specific answers when consulting the Tarot. In Tarot readings, the primary assumption is that anything is possible, and most anything can be seen if one knows where to look.

It is my responsibility to give you the truthful answer to the question you ask. Sometimes, when the answer is revealed, a second question arises.. or a third. To give an accurate reading it is important that the first question was clearly answered. I trust that if the answer was not clear that you will feel comfortable telling me so when I ask if you have any questions about the answer you just received. The second answer may well be based on the decisions you make after hearing the first answer. If my answer was not clear, I will do my best to explain again.

Sometimes we focus on external actions as the most relevant to creating the future, yet many times, it is the internal decision, the messages we tell ourselves, the way we treat others and their reactions to that treatment that create a subtle landscape of experience... a landscape that is just as sure to direct our path as a decision to turn right at the stop light.

The answers revealed, or the future revealed, is dependent on the choices you make during and after the reading. The future revealed is not fixed. It depends on you. We can't see what will happen next if you haven't made the necessary choice to set the wheel of a particular future in motion. For example, I can't see the outcome of your decision to go to Atlanta if you have no intention of going to Atlanta to begin with.

If you want to see the outcome of a legal matter, a military action, a contest, or some other group event where many players all have different roles that are in constant change, it will be more difficult to give an accurate answer to that question than to one where you are the actor, and the stage in under your control. Why? The interconnectedness of things, the web of life factor, makes it more difficult to see the result of a group action, as anyone may choose to do anything at any time.

I imagine that this post has now fluttered far from my original intent... which was to help you prepare for a reading by having a short list of things you would really like to know. An idea of the future you want to create - rather than the passive expectation that I might be able to tell you what will happen next.

What happens next depends in large part on you! This is the joy & the challenge of life.

I thank Osho Zen Tarot - The Transcendental Game Of Life for their kind permission to use their graphics on my site.Osho Zen Tarot -The Transcendental Games of Life, St. Martins Press ISBN: 0-312-11733-7 with permission of osho.com.


Live Sessions by Appointment Only today - 3/27/09

Greetings All,

I am not going to be in store at the Midnight Sun today, however, if you need a reading, please call (904) 993-7466. With sufficient notice, I should be able to come to the shop for you today.


Past Lives are often revealed in a Tarot Reading.

Recently, several clients have had past lives revealed during their Tarot readings. The questions they asked were not about past lives at all, but about critical present life relationship experiences. This seemingly unexpected revelation is not at all unusual.

In fact, many times when people are having powerful relationships with each other, when their lives intertwine at critical moments, when their bond seems to transcend the expected, or the "rational", they are experiencing what I describe as a "past life return." It seems that some of us somehow choose to be born again and again with each other.

This phenomenon is easily seen in the case of enlightened masters of established spiritual traditions where past lives and reincarnation is a natural part of their spiritual world view. Teachers and students of these traditions form a connect by agreement based on devotion that enables them to incarnate in this world in proximity to each other for the benefit of all kinds of beings.

Here in the West, the idea of past lives is either not familiar, or perhaps is an uncomfortable topic for some people. Should a past life return, or past life experience be revealed in your reading, I will ask you if you are comfortable with this idea, and if you want the information revealed.

Many people find great relief, and are not at all surprised to learn that their friend, loved one or family member has been close to them in spirit in times past. For more information on Past Life Readings, just click the title of this post.


Tarot in Sacred Space

The "Tarot Room" at the Midnight Sun is so lovely that people often stop in just to experience the glow.

This sacred space I am fortunate to use as a reading room has been blessed with the right intention and action of Yoga teachers, Kirtans, healing workshops and the good, sweet loving energy of the people who make this wonderful shop possible.

I very much enjoyed being present on Saturday, and was happy to be able to provide some clarity, insight and validation to those who chose to experience the benefits of Tarot for the first time.

I hope you will feel welcome to call if you would like to have a live reading on a day other than Saturday. I am happy to come to the shop between Noon & Five PM if need be. Please call my office at (904) 993-7466 to schedule an in person session. Readings by telephone are also available if you prefer not to drive. When working by telephone, I am also working in sacred space, reserved only for that purpose. In fact, you may enjoy this little article about intention and sacred space.

I am also available to teach mini-workshops on Tarot to groups of four or more students during the week, or on Sundays. If you would like to attend a class on Tarot, metaphysics, the mystic in general, or have a special workshop request, I am happy to offer a lesson plan to meet your need.



Consulting the Tarot - the importance of the question

It sometimes happens that clients come for their first reading and are a bit surprised when I ask them for a question. I suppose the word "reading" does imply that I will be able to see their future, reveal influences around them, events that are at hand... and while this is true, or possible.. I prefer not to read that way.

I strongly prefer to use the Tarot to provide clarity, direction, and insight that will empower people to make the best decisions possible under the present circumstances, or to find ways to improve those circumstances so that their lives move in the direction they prefer.

When I offer readings, I trust that my clients are sitting with me willing to be open to the reading process. Now, I still have the skeptical few clients who want to "test" the psychic, or ask questions to see if I am "real" or not. This puts me at a distinct disadvantage as I am sure we, the reader & the seeker, are co-creating the session.

I work very well with those people who already believe that the world is a mysterious, unfolding process where we participate in the creation of our realities. So, when people ask questions and energetically mask themselves, the outcome cannot be as accurate, nor as useful as a reading will be when we are both open to the process.

I am always honored when people choose to have their first reading with me, and write these little articles to help new seekers feel more comfortable with the reading process. I will be at the Midnight Sun this Saturday, 2/28/09 and have appointments available from 11:15 AM onwards.

If you would like to schedule a reading, please call the office at (904) 993-7466. Of course you are welcome to stop by to say hello.


Tarot Card Readings - What to expect in your live session.

If you are coming for your first reading with me, I hope you will take a moment to review some articles that I think are very important to ensure that you have a good experience.

Every reader is different, each bringing special skills to the table. I am a question specific reader. By that I mean to say that I offer you the greatest benefit when you ask me a direct question designed to provide you clarity, insight and direction toward a goal.
Here is a link to an article about this style of reading & the philosophy behind the method: "Tarot readings & Seeker's Questions."

Another article you might find helpful is this one, which helps you to understand the "What Happens in s Reading - The Spread of Cards" during your session.

One of the delights in returning to reading live is that I am able to share with clients the beauty & power of the images that reflect their life experience, nature, and future outcomes. I often use the Archeon Tarot because the visuals are so evocative, healing and mystically insightful.

I will be offering clairvoyant Tarot readings at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida this Saturday, 2/21/09. There are plenty of walk-in appointments available. Or if you like, just stop by to meet me, say hello, and see if you feel comfortable with the idea of seeing the future you are co-creating.

The 15 minute reading is $35 and the half hour session is $65. Session length is determined by how many questions you have. if you only have one or two, then the 15 minute reading should meet your need.

To explore your future in greater detail, the half hour session is best.

I continue to wish you every happiness.

Ann George


Tarot Saturday - February 14 from Noon 'til 5:00 PM

tarot card reader jacksonville florida
Just a quick note to let you know that I will be offering clairvoyant Tarot readings today at The Midnight Sun, located in Historic Five Points at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida.

Private readings are available in the lovely Yoga studio in the back of the shop.

!5 minute readings, a good choice if you have one or two important questions, or perhaps three simple ones, cost $35.00.
Half hour readings cost $65.00 and offer time to fully explore four to six questions. At present, I am able to accept cash, and hope to provide you a credit card option in the near future.

If you would like more information, or to schedule your session, please call (904) 993-7466. Walk-in clients are welcome, but those with appointments will be seen on schedule.


Ann George


Learn Tarot - Tarot Class Sunday, 2/15/09 at The Midnight Sun

learn tarot at the midnight sunTarot for Beginners - An Introduction to Cartomancy with Ann George

Sunday - February 15, 2009 - 1:00 pm ‘til 3:00 pm

This class offers you the chance to come to understand the origin of the meanings of Tarot cards, develop your intuition, open the Akashic record, and to find a new confidence in your ability to use the Tarot for spiritual development as well as divination.

Enjoy your Tarot Class in the lovely, private space through the double doors at the back of the Midnight Sun. Bring your favorite deck, a pad & pencil.

This two hour class will feature discussions on:

• Developing a Relationship with Tarot
• Psychic Self-Defense

And a brief overview of:

• The Major Arcana - power & purpose
• The Minor Arcana - element & number
• The Court Cards - what they represent
• The Aces - Unmanifest Potential
• The 16 card spread - used by the Golden Dawn

Course Fee - $20 for the two hour class - Seating is limited.

Ann George is a professional Tarot consultant, teacher, and practicing mystic in service to Jacksonville, Florida . She is a gifted psychic, clairvoyant, and past life medium who teaches Tarot to beginners and advanced students alike.

For more information call Ann (904) 993-7466 or visit anngeorge.com


Clairvoyant Tarot this Saturday at The Midnight Sun

I am happy to be able to offer Clairvoyant Tarot readings this Saturday at the Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida. Walk in clients are welcome, however those with appointments will be seen first. At present, walk in openings are available between 2:00 PM and 5:30 PM this Saturday.

Session will be offered in the sacred space of the beautiful yoga area in the back of the store. You will have a choice of a several Tarot decks, and of course several session lengths. Complete information is online at Ann George Studios and I encourage you to review the articles published there to help you have the best possible experience.

In particular, if you are able to review the article Tarot Readings & Seekers Questions or What Happens In a Reading. you will be very well prepared.

One gentle reminder.. when working in person, many times people react to the images in the Tarot, and are sometimes worried or startled when they see the Death card or perhaps the Nine of Wands.. or 5 of Pentacles. It is important to remember that the answer is revealed in a landscape of images. One or two cards may seem ominous, but when put in their proper spiritual perspective,


Tarot Readings in Five Points! Finally!

I am very happy to be able to announce that you may now purchase Psychic & Tarot Readings in Historic Five Points, Jacksonville, Florida. The Midnight Sun has just received the necessary permissions & certificates from the City of Jacksonville to allow psychic readings in the store.

Therefore, I have purchased my first occupational license in seven years. It has been a long wait to be able to read for you again in person. I am very happy to be able to see my local clients again! I will be able to offer Tarot readings, Tarot classes, divination workshops and metaphysical courses of many kinds!

I remain very grateful that I did close my Studio - previously located at 2230 Emerson Street, Jacksonville, Florida - in December of 2002, and move all goods and services to my virtual studio located at anngeorge.com. This change continues to allow me to meet and to read for new clients from around the world.

To be sure, the studio on Emerson was as lovely as I could make it. However, old city zoning codes required that all psychics, mediums, clairvoyants.. etc. only be allowed to work in the CCG2 district. It was almost impossible to find a nice little office in these zones. (It was fairly easy to find lots of adult entertainment options however, and I did not find this a comfortable environment.)

All that is in the past! Now, you are able to enjoy a reading in one of the loveliest shops in the district, a nice stroll, a good cup of coffee, a pleasant, natural environment just up from the beautiful St. Johns River. I will begin offering readings this Saturday, January 24, 2009 at The Midnight Sun.

The first Tarot Workshop, which will be an introductory course for beginners is currently scheduled for Sunday, February 15, 2009 from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM. If you are interested, please feel welcome to contact me via my site!

To stay up to date on classes, new Tarot decks & deck reviews as well as other topics of metaphysical interest, please subscribe to this blog.